*1.Jan. 2009*

i think this is a good time to sit back and reflect on the things we've done and those we havent...the thingz we've done right and those we did wrong
and the times we impressed and dissapointed ourselves and others


Have u made urs???
Guyzzz...Ring out the old year and ring in the new with ur great New Year's resolutions. Setting ur goals in the most important aspect of ur life n wat u wanna b all year long
We should set goals, track our progress, set our determination to overcome setbacks and celebrate our achievements.

*my top 10 resolutions for 2009*
  1. grad by Aug 2009!!!
  2. get a job in technical engineering field
  3. 4giv n 4get - 4get bout d past move on 2 better things in d future
  4. juz live life a lot happier
  5. do the right things in all matters
  6. Live each day as if it is my last day
  7. 100 % L.O.V.E - 50% goes 2 my family ~ 40% 2 me ~ 10% goes 2 u..yup u!!!
  8. want 2 b n 2 luk better n smart in any ways
  9. strengthen 'our' relationship 
  10. Have a healthier life


    AzeerA said...

    seems dat aku dah kna replace resolutions yg ke 9 tu dgn sumthin else...but ada 9 resolutions pn dah ckup kot...

    Anonymous said...

    xpayah buang..tukaq jd new relatinshp ja..hehe

    aiSya iRa said...

    aku pn stuju....