Lets start with great news

Great news is saya sudah dapat dewan untuk my wedding menggantikan dewan-asal-yg-sudah-di booked-n-tiba2-boleh cancel due to renovation (dammit!!!) I got d cancellation-call on Friday last week n starting on dat, i get myself so busy looking around for dewan. Can u imagine, with all those deposit for catering n dewan itself, i hav paid..its too fu*king damn to know dat d booking has to be cancelled. And way make it worst when i called every single dewan in KL n its mostly fully booked until March next year (owwwh even damnnn). All it has 2 offer me just a dewan with package catering which is too much for me as i already paid for my own caterer. Im not talking about hundred here, but more than thousand.. So klu duit tu xnak dipulangkan even for a thousand, matila saya. Totally running out of budget. So nak x nak saya perlu berusaha mendapatkan dewan tanpa package makanan.

*u can start counting how many 'damn' here??? sigh!
Another great news is on dis coming 18th marked my 1st year as a gov-servant. A year guys!!! Hepi Anniversary 2 all 2009 batch. Specifically to all d CFSs staff. Wink!!!

Enuff of great news

D disaster!!!

hmmm...rotation unit!! yes i do like it as it might put my knowledge to every angle of engineering. But to know dat i will b sitting in Pejabat Pengarah, its juz giving me reason to say no. No, no not because of him (Dato'), he is very kind and smart people. I do like him. He always put his staff first on d top other than anyone else. I want to b a gud staff for him, to serve d very best n to make him proud having me. But i just feeling sad coz i know i dont have any chance to b working in technical thing. No more auditing, no more site visiting (kadang2 ada la kot), n no more course kat luar n another thing, no more menjadi pengarang buku2 pavement. Huhu. In d first place, actually i was chosen to b in UPPJ T/T, which is i hav no denial on dat coz UPPJ is also another unit dat plays all d technical thing. But suddenly after all d Ketua Unit having meeting, all i know i was chosen to b put as Pegawai Khas kepada Dato'. Either it was purposely or not, out of my idea. But i do respect d decision. Part of me says yes, another part just demoralized.

But to think it back zilllllllllllllllllllllllliiion times, it has pro n cons. Yes i do cry when i told bout all dis to Zul n he listen to it. N he is sooooo worry bout me. Sian dia.

Even it has no more technical stuff, but i still can learn much bout RMK-10, parliament thing (Q&A) n management itself as well. Every post has gud n bad side though. Its d way u deliver d work. D way u manage it, n d way make it up.

But im sure, once i touch it, im gonna love it (wahhhhhhhhhhh..diakui lebih kepada nak sedapkan hati :( )

Azeera, juz do ur best, b a good government servant (selagi ada peluang) n take it till d last drop. Nothing to b FRET!!!!

effective 1.8.2010

smile pleaseeeeeeee


Sambil selam tertelan banyak air??? (hehe)

Owh tittle entry ini sengaja disalahkan. yes, yes i know it supposed to b 'sambil menyelam minum air' (anak saudara aku pun tau tu ;p). but its juz perfectly express d whole thing dat happened last week. For a week, i had site audit in Pahang, starting from my hometown, Kuantan then heading to Maran, Jerantut, Bentong and Raub. It took us 4 days sampai closing meeting on Friday.

Work is work, no matter wat work comes first. Dat is our priority there. But sambil2, especially after tiring doing audit thing di tepi jalan from morning till evening, it is considerable to ease mind physically n mentally by doing fun things at d rite place like laut, air terjun n window shopping (hmmm seems not d right thing 2 do actually but who cares, i am a woman!!! waka waka). Everyday after finished audit, itu lah kerja kami di malam hari. But rite after dat, diganti semula dengan discussion until 2-3 am. hmmm dats wat u hav to pay when u hav sumthing joyful and fun in mind on d next day (fair n square!!). There r three things dat really put me at higher saticfaction for dis trip besides dapat-makan-durian-dengan-banyaknya. Musang-king yer!!!!! Very creamy and chumel2 (at one gulp!!!! opps without biji). Owh another one, sesi mempelahap satar-dan-otak-otak-di-Warung-Aziz-Satar, Kemaman. But sesi ini telah dimenangi oleh Akoob. Here is d proof. Ampun akoob!!!! ;p

 steady jer pegang satar (n u know how fake it was. Cehh ;p)

3 things are ;

One     :  Teluk Chempedak. Never been there for almost a year i guess.
Two     :  Laut. We've been to Pantai Tok Nik, Kemaman. Cantik.
Three :n lastly d climax-for-our-trip adalah di waterfaalllll!! wooooo...Air Terjun Chamang.

I wud say dis entry wud b another pics galore of us coz we were like having snapping-craze. We?? yuh im talking bout my other patners-in-crime, Tikah, Fandi n Akoob. Korang memang spastic. Hahaha. But dun get me wrong, we were professional enuff to know which place is suitable to behave dat way (hik hik). Especially during auditing, we were acting so seriously until they wont realized any dash of our sillyness (especially in closing meeting. Haha).Hmm how gud we were at acting actually.

K starting wit edisi pengenalan : Me, Tikah, Fandi, Akoob
Dis is Tikah.One of d team mate. For guys, there will b no introduction since ini bukan blog-mencari-jodoh ;p

On our first day, we were at Pantai Tok Nik, Kemaman

me wit d only ratu TG (only i n d team knows wat is TG. Pix on dat are not allowed!!! ;p)

No introduction for guys. Such a discrimination ;p
cantik kan???. Not us but d view ;p

sila buat penceritaan anda sendiri ;p Tapi apa yang sebenarnya ingin dilakukan oleh kami adalah
Azeera : cuba untuk selam ke dalam air
Akoob : menunjuk ke arah suspek iaitu aku
Tikah : menunjukkan isyarat larangan 'NO SWIMMING"
jadi x?? ;p

Malamnya we were at Pantai Teluk Chempedak, Kuantan. Minum air kelapa fresh and bulan penuh at nite. Oh myyyyyy (sila imagine yer..;p)

Dis snap done ny Fandi. Props 2 u. Even a bit blur, tapi sangat cantik. Ohh myyy bulan penuh...

On our last day, we went to Air Terjun Chamang. Dis place sangat cantik. Even hujan masa tu, we mantain duduk bawah payung, tapi badan dalam air (Haha). Eventho dis place a bit creepy at first especially jalan masuk to dis place yang jauh n horror, but we managed to tune d mode to become fun dengan melihat air yang sejuk n deras, view yang cantik, n d place itself yang sangat tenang.

dannnnnnnn snapping-craze kami telah bermula...

perlu kah aku minta korang meneka siapa yang songsang itu??? ;p

percubaan untuk water-massage di air yang deras tidak berjaya :(
Cemass...Akoob cuba menyelamatkan Tikah yang lemas secara solo..

Akoob kau mmg photographer yang hebat. Setting-yang-unik-boleh-menampakkan-selipar
d best picture. sangat suka..

Lastly untuk tidak menghampakan Akob-the-photographer, saya letakkan juga hasil mode-landscape-yang berjaya dilakukan oleh beliau (kenapa aku x rasa kagum sangat pun. Hehe again ampun Akob)
Kagum x, tapi menakutkan sbb aku boleh ada dua (my clone) dlm satu gmbr

Landscape-mode : Cantuman gambar yang baik.

For dis entry, saya cuba utk tidak mencampuradukkan urusan kerja dengan tidak meletakkan gambar sewaktu audit dilaksanakan (gambar jalan jer pun ;p).

But overall i had so much fun.

owh btw, ada satu cerita funny happen dis morning rite after i turun kereta nak masuk office..i bumped 2 dis one JKR staff..then he said 'Hye, lama x nampak?' then u knw how i answered him?? hahaha....bersempena world cup n kepala yang masih belum tune to proper channel (mengantuk actually!!!), i boleh jawab....'owh..offside' (whatttttttttt?????oh myyyyyyy...dats d only line dat slipped from my mouth ;p). Then, when i notice d blurness of his face, cepat2 i cakap 'ehh, i pegi site for a week' (fuuuhhhhh). Haha. Silly!. Dats juz me (winkkkk ;p)