The seventh sign of the zodiac is concerned with

* partnership, relationships
* ideas, opinions, politics, diplomacy
* music, harmony, balance, romance
* tact, argument, self-control
* good manners, personal appearance
* refinement, sophistication, good taste.
* rational thought, ideas for social well-being

The Libran Personality

These are the general personality traits found in people who are typical of Libra. An unhappy or frustrated Libra may display some of the not-so-attractive traits.


* Cooperative
* Good companion
* Artistic
* Refined
* Has clear opinions
* Good negotiator
* Very strong beliefs
* Loving and romantic
* Sense of fair play
* Able to lead on behalf of good causes
* Uses intellect when going into action
* Sincere
* Charming
* Communicative
* An excellent mediator


* Narcissistic
* Indolent or sulky
* Fearful
* Indecisive
* Manipulative
* Overbearing
* Flirtatious

Secret Libra

Inside anyone who has strong Libran influences is a person who is terrified of being alone. The fear is usually well controlled so the typical Libra always looks calm, collected, and in charge of any situation.
Good-natured and loving, Libras can also be petulant, and even objectionable, when asked to take orders. Similarly, they are extremely intelligent, yet sometimes gullible; they enjoy talking to people, yet can also be very attentive listeners.

Libran Lucky Connections

Colors : green, purple, pink
Plants : aloe, myrtle, rose
Perfume : galbanum
Gemstone : emerald
Metal : copper
Tarot Card : justice
Animal : elephant

Physical Appearance

* Features are generally well balanced.
* Face is pleasant, even when angry.
* There may be a dimple in the chin or in the cheeks or knees.
* Charming smile

The Libran Female

If a woman behaves in a way that is distinctive of the personality associated with the zodiac sign of Libra, she will have a tendency toward the characteristics listed below, providing there are no influences in her personal birthchart that are stronger than that of her Libra sun sign.


The typical Libra woman:

* is usually slim but curvy
* has large eyes
* has delicately flared nostrils
* has a large, well-shaped mouth
* has even teeth, often a gap between the front two

Behavior and Personality Traits

* is very aware of her looks
* takes care of her body and appearance
* uses her natural attraction to get what she wants
* presents her opinions with diplomacy and tact
* is excellent at partnership and teamwork
* loves luxurious clothes and perfumes
* has excellent powers of analysis
* will create a beautiful home

Young Libra

If a child behaves in a way that is distinctive of the personality associated with Libra, he or she will have a tendency toward the characteristics listed below.

Behavior and Personality Traits

The typical Libra child:

* is a really beautiful baby
* hates having to decide between two things
* does not like to be hurried
* likes candy
* always seems to know more about things than seems likely for someone of that particular age
* is kindhearted
* likes to be fair and be treated fairly
* can wheedle almost anything out of adults
* will obey rules if they are seen to be fair
* is usually neat and clean
* teenage Libras are romantics; they love warm water, bubble baths, and lazy days in the sun

Libra At Home

If a person has the personality that is typical of those born with a Libra sun sign, home is a place to retire to for rest and recuperation, ready for the next period of sustained activity. The Libra will have a tendency toward the characteristics listed below.

Typical Behavior and Abilities

When at home, a Libra man or woman:

* will spend time just lounging around listening to music or reading pleasant books
* will enjoy arguing about almost everything with all the family -- just for the sake of it
* uses good taste to create a place of harmony
* will be a very gracious host, offering good food and wines while making interesting conversation
* will keep the place tidy and clean, unless he or she has become resentful due to unfair treatment

Typical Occupations

Libras are liable to be involved with any aspect of the law, politics, or diplomacy. Their eye for design may lead them into areas such as fashion, art dealership, or graphics. They will also enjoy working in jobs that involve talking and presentation, such as promotional work. Many Libras are good at planning business ventures.

Libra and Love

To Libra, love is all. He or she tends to fall in love with love itself and is eager to share life with the partner. The Libran ideal is a life that is filled with the peaceful, rosy glow of romance. Libra in love will have many of the characteristics listed below.

Behavior When In Love

The typical Libra:

* is emotionally dependant upon the partner
* is casual and easygoing
* enjoys romantic settings
* will ignore the partner's shortcomings in return for love
* does not want a partner who is overly demonstrative
* glows with love for the whole world
* will do anything to avoid hurting the loved one
* gives the loved one complete attention


The typical Libra expects:

* to be supported and cared for
* faithfulness and loyalty
* to be free to get on with his or her work
* a partner to have his or her own separate interests
* to be amused
* to be admired and even exalted

The End of An Affair

If a Libra is rejected, he or she is initially demoralized. However, the Libra quickly takes action to try to redress the balance that has been lost.
Often the Libra will do anything to charm the loved one again, courting the partner as if for the first time.
If the rejection is final, the hurt Libra will disguise the pain he or she feels by searching once more for true love.
A Libra is most likely to reject a partner who makes too many demands on the Libran emotions. If this happens, the break will be as orderly and as well mannered as possible.

Libra and Friends

Libras are usually very social people who like to be on the go. Life for Libras revolves around keeping in touch with other people; this is what makes them happy.
Libras will work hard for a friend, giving of themselves tirelessly for days on end. When they become tired, they will need to rest completely. But friends should not mistake the Libran recuperation periods as a loss of interest.

Positive Factors

Libras are loving friends and are unlikely to embarrass anyone with emotional outbursts. A Libran friend is honest and will treat a friend fairly.
They make sensitive companions for visits to events concerned with the arts.

Negative Factors

Libras can occasionally try the patience of a friend with their indecisiveness.
They can be jealous of a friend who is better looking than they are.
Friends must also be aware of the periodic depressive moods into which Libras seem to plunge. Such moods can be lightened by genuine compliment.
Friends should never forget that the worst thing for a Libra is to be left alone for too long. If this happens, they can become irritable and sulky, and they can lose their self-esteem.


In general, if people are typical of their zodiac sign, relationships between Libra and other signs (including the complementary opposite sign, Aries) are as shown below.

Libra with Libra: Harmonious
Libra with Scorpio: Harmonious
Libra with Sagittarius: Harmonious
Libra with Capricorn: Difficult
Libra with Aquarius: Harmonious
Libra with Pisces: Turbulent
Libra with Aries: Difficult
Libra with Taurus: Turbulent
Libra with Gemini: Harmonious
Libra with Cancer: Difficult
Libra with Leo: Harmonious
Libra with Virgo: Harmonious

Libran Leisure Interests

Most typical Libras are not overly fond of vigorous, sweaty exercise. This offends their preference for a harmony of the senses. Whever exercise they do, it must enable them to stay relatively neat and unruffled. Many Libras have a lasting interest in the arts. Of these, music is a high priority.

On the whole, typical Libras pursue the following leisure interests:

* listening to music, studying music history, playing an instrument in a group, such as string quartet or a jazz band, listening to poetry
* dancing, especially graceful styles
* dressing with sophistication
* dining out in romantic settings
* the scientific side to cooking
* computers
* any kind of discussion group

Libran Likes and Dislikes


* pleasing surroundings
* getting notes, cards, and flowers
* a good, detailed argument
* being fussed over
* being admired
* people running errands for them
* credit cards
* having people around
* attending the finest details
* very small animals, even ants
* being of service to others
* sensible, tailored clothes
* mutable, subtle colors and textures


* loud arguments
* confused situations
* sloppiness, especially in public
* ugly places
* being pressured to make up their mind
* being told it is up to them to make a change
* any criticism of their chosen partner or project

Libra at Rest

A typical Libra loves a luxurious bedroom where he or she can lie around in blissful indolence. While at rest, the Libran mind is rarely still, always planning ahead.

Famous Libras

Brigitte Bardot (Actress), Deborah Kerr (Actress), George Peppard (Actor), Julie Andrews (Actress and Singer), Mahatma Ganghi (Religious and Social Leader), Bob Geldof (Musician and Fundraiser), John Lennon (Singer, Songwriter, and Beatle), Oscar Wilde (Author), Franz Liszt (Composer and Pianist)

p/s : if there is any part of dis entry that perfectly describes u well...take it as kebetulan je k..nothin 2 do wit yg hidup or mati...hehe!! enjoy peeps!!!

*tagged by Aisyaira*

D rulez of dis tagging thingy!!!

Type only ONE word answers

It’s harder than you think!! Here is what you are supposed to do…and please don’t spoil the fun…copy and paste into your own note, type in your answers and tag a bunch of people - including me.

Where is your mobile phone *next- 2- me * (is it can b consider as one word?? haha)

Hair * black-strawberry-blonde *

Your father * understanding-cool *

Your favorite thing * mag *

Your dream last night * horribly- horror* (x nak igt dah...TAKUT!!)

Your favorite drink * soya*

Your dream/goal * better- person- in- life & love*

The room you are in * workstation*

Your fear * darkness*

Where do you want to be in 6 years * pondering-myself*

Muffins * choc*

One of your wish list items * one?? r u crazy? there r so many things in my head rite now..

Where you grew up * kuantan*

The last thing you did * googling*

What are you wearing * baju-kurung*

Your TV * fav-show..Talk-show 4 sure*

Your pets * none*

Your computer * lappie*

Your life * fun*

Your mood * HAPPY!!!*

Missing someone * family*

Your car * My-Vie*

Favorite store * lingerie + shoes*

Your summer * vacation * (hmm..... bestnya)

Your favorite color * black + pink + purple*

When is the last time you laughed * dis-morning* (akibat kebodohan diri sndiri)

Last time you cried * last-month*

Three people who email me * SV - cousin - frens*

Three of my favorite foods * nasi wit sambal kicap - spaghetti - seafood*

Three people I think will respond * ANY-BLOGGERS*

*say no to V-day*

Some of us luvs it and celebrate it wit their beloved..
n some juz hate it...SOO AM I!!!!

2 me...V-day is POINTLESS...
its juz a day 2 make profits for florist, greeting-card companies, candy makers,
jewelers n bla..bla..

I juz dun like dis V-day stems from d over-commercialism of d day..
n being pressured by marketers n their ads 2 xpress my LOVE n affection for our beloved on Feb 14th.
I also hate d fact dat flower prices are super inflated on V-day..(x masuk akal okes)
im a firm believer of expressing our appreciation and LOVE every single day instead of juz one arbitrary day in Feb..
n d celebration of LOVE should b ALL YEAR ROUND okes!!!!

dun get me wrong..
im not saying dis because i have no one to date with on V-day..
but its juz a spot 4 me 2 express my opinion..

n it's mine..im sure u have urs????
juz share it out loud babes.....

till then..
enjoy ur weekend guyss...


Hello peeps!!!

seperti dijanjikan (wlupun lambat berhari2)
dis are few piccas yg sempat di grab from my lappies...tp yg mana sempat jelaa..
byk sgtla babes..nak post smua mcm syok sndiri..hehe so ckit jela keys..

last monday @ cuti Thaipusam..we went 2 Bekok River which is kwn aku punye site..
aku telah diminta jd assistant utk ambil sample tanah.dan menjadi *pen 'cangkul'* berwibawa..
*pencangkul*???????????....haha ada ker words 2????
tp dsbbkan skill mencangkul baru level beginner..ambik masa laa nak korek tanah wlupun sbnrnya nak 1 metre ke dalam je..hoho..
sorryla zack..aku mmg pembantu 'x berskill'..haha!

wlupun zack puas mengajar aku...tapi ttp x tercapai skill yg betul..puas aku kna gelak dgn dorg!!!
akhirnya aku jd pembantu kutip tanah je..hoho!

gmbr2 nie membuktikan tahap beginner yg aku pegang..haha

*nie senior pencangkul aku*

*junior tahap beginner*
(tp bab gaya aku menanglaa..mcm terror je kan aku pegang cangkul) haha

*selepas junior diberi tugas lain* (pengacau orang)

Then lepas kerja semua dah hbs iaitu sesi ambil tanah..
kita org terus pg Sg. Bantang..
2 those pple yg bkn org Johor..confirm xtau..
so nie adala ckit2 gmbr utk u guys..
not badlaa tmpat nie...setakat lepaskan rindu nak mandi air terjun blhlaa..
in fact im not demanding-kinda..

*nie view dari bawah je*
(sorry pix kat atas bukit xder coz dah x bwk cam naik atas)

*sejuk gler air nie*

*hilang trus penat jd pencangkul*

*x smpi sejam mandi dah laparrrrr*

*juz hard 2 resist those mouth-watering menu* (thanx Z!!)

2 jelaa xtvt for d day..
even penat but we enjoyed it so much!!!!!
im gonna missed dis enjoyable moment guyss...
lpas nie klu u guys ada planning nak pg lagi..


till then..
bye peeps!!!

*no-lie SURVEY* Part 2*

hye guyzz!!

im sure u guys dah boring when it comes 2 survey-entry (aku pun sama..huhu)..
coz 4 d last 2 weeks i've been posting dis survey thingy..
since i have done d part 1 survey..i've been advised 2 finish d whole thing..

aiyoo..nasib ckit jer dis part..
layan jer laa yea..

*Anger Section*

1. What do you do when you're mad?
** i need choc!!!! *smbil mkn ~dammit~*

2. What's the worst things you've done when you were mad?
** i cursed dat person...sorrylaa it came out spontaneously..

3.Ever made anyone cry when you were mad?
** yup..in fact i was cryin also..

4. Do you curse when you're mad?
** sumtimes klu dah x tertahan...i hate when im doing dat act..but....~m*th*r F!!!~

5. When was the last time you really cried?
** 31 Dec...that was my very embarrassing moment ever!!

6. Ever cried yourself to sleep?
** yup...hmmmmm..

7. What usually makes you cry?
** frustrated esp with people i respect n luv..n also when i hv 2 deal wit strong feelings of displeasure!!

8. Are you normally a happy person?
** yes...im a HIPPY-kinda-person!!

9. Does being with your friends make you happy?
** yup esp when im with my no. 1 frens..they know who they r..

10. When people say they think you are good looking do you get happy?
** 4 sure maaa...i can't stop smiling 4 d whole day!!! *smbil syum syok sndiri..hoho*

p/s : 2moro i wil post sum other new piccas of our (me n my gud frens) fun-time @ Sg. Bantang keys..

bye guyzz!!


im addicted 2 dis song lately...no matter how outdated it was..

These days you barely even say my name,
Like you don’t really feel the same,
I’m wondering what’s to blame,
These nights I fall asleep wondering where you are,
It feels like we’re falling apart,
And it’s only breaking my heart,
Cause if being with you means being alone,
And never knowing when you’re coming home,
Then I guess I’m better off on my own,

But I can’t move on,
Cause that makes forgetting, forgetting everything we’ve had
Instead I keep coming, keep coming, I keep running back
Cause I keep forgetting, forgetting you treat me so bad
So I keep coming, keep coming, I keep running back
I keep coming back
I keep coming back
I keep coming back
I keep coming back

My friends say that I should leave you behind,
And stop wasting all my time,
They tell me that I am out of my mind,

But I know that what we both share is real,
And I’ve been willing to deal,
With the way that you’re making me feel,

Cause if being with you means being alone,
And never knowing when you’re coming home,
Then I guess I’m better off on my own,

But I can’t move on,
Cause that makes me forgetting, forgetting everything we’ve had
Instead I keep coming, keep coming, I keep running back
Cause I keep forgetting, forgetting you treat me so bad
So I keep coming, keep coming, I keep running back
I keep coming back
I keep coming back
I keep coming back
I keep coming back

Ma ma ma mama caught up,
We done all heard the same story,
Just different authors this book crazy,
Always a lady looking for love where there’s a lame,
They might could be together,
They fight to be together,
Aight to be together,
Shorty yeah he cheated,
You say you don’t need it,
Turn around and leave it,
Oh he back next week,
Fuss… Fight,
And then the whole thing repeat like nothing ever happened,
That was just rapping,
No publishing,
Shorty you knew that he don’t got the same government,
Lil mama can’t move on,
But it’s her fault she struggling,
She can’t… move… on,

But I can’t move on,
Cause that means forgetting, forgetting everything we’ve had,
I keep coming, keep coming, keep coming back,
I keep coming back
I keep coming back
I keep coming back
I keep coming back
I keep running back to you

*dis song rocks ever!!!*

enjoy peeps!!


Morning guyzz....

u wanna try sumthing fun???

dis is 4 u...try dis out babe!!


Kalau anda dilahirkan pada 1hb, 10hb,
19hb, 28hb dalam mana-mana bulan, anda
adalah No.1

Kalau anda dilahirkan pada 2hb, 11hb,
20hb, 29hb dalam mana-mana bulan, anda
adalah No.2

Kalau anda dilahirkan pada 3hb, 12hb,
21hb, 30hb dalam mana-mana bulan, anda
adalah No.3

Kalau anda dilahirkan pada 4hb, 13hb,
22hb, 31hb dalam mana-mana bulan, anda
adalah No.4

Kalau anda dilahirkan pada 5hb, 14hb,
23hb dalam mana-mana bulan, anda
adalah No.5

Kalau anda dilahirkan pada 6hb, 15hb,
24hb dalam mana-mana bulan, anda
adalah No.6

Kalau anda dilahirkan pada 7hb, 16hb,
25hb dalam mana-mana bulan, anda
adalah No.7

Kalau anda dilahirkan pada 8hb, 17hb,
26hb dalam mana-mana bulan, anda
adalah No.8

Kalau anda dilahirkan pada 9hb, 18hb,
27hb dalam mana-mana bulan, anda
adalah No.9

*********& U represent no???*********

Anda sangat cerdik, jujur, lucu,
degil, rajin, terus-terang, cemburu
dalam asas pertandingan, baik hati,
peramah dan autoriti. Anda ingin
mendahului dalam apa jua keadaan. Anda
seorang yang berdikari, berkeyakinan
dan tidak pernah berada di bawah
pimpinan orang lain. Anda akan
bercinta dalam usia yang muda tapi
akan berkahwin pada usia yang matang.
Anda tidak suka akan orang yang
bertentangan pendapat dengan anda.
Malah anda juga menyimpan dendam
dengan orang yang bersalah dengan
anda. Anda seorang yang kuat belanja.
Pada masa hadapan anda adalah
professional dalam kerjaya yang anda
ceburi. Namun terdapat juga orang yang
kecil hati dengan pencapaian anda.
Anda mempunyai keluarga yang bahagia.
Pasangan ideal anda adalah no.4, 6, 8.

Tak kira apa pun, anda akan disukai
oleh semua orang kerana anda
berperanankan Bulan dan semua orang
suka akan bulan. Em…bagus! Anda suka
bermimpi siang. Anda kurang
berkeyakinan terhadap diri sendiri.
Jadi and perlu membuat perubahan ke
atas hidup anda. Anda adalah seorang
yang sukar diramal kerana anda membuat
perubahan berdasarkan masa dan
keadaan. Anda juga seorang yang
mementingkan diri sendiri tetapi and
mempunyai bakat dalam muzikal, seni
dan komunikasi lisan. Sikap anda
seperti bulan yang datang keredupan
dan pudar jadi semua orang boleh
mengetahui perubahan anda. Anda boleh
menjadi Mahatma Gandhi yang kedua
kerana cinta akan keamanan. Anda juga
seorang yang bertanggungjawab dalam
Pasangan ideal anda adalah no.2, 5, 9.

Anda adalah seorang yang berhati
keras, pentingkan diri sendiri, kuat
agama dan suka untuk mempertingkatkan
kehidupan sendiri. Anda mempunyai
masalah keluarga dan anda dapat
mengharungi dengan kesabaran anda.
Anda sangat pandai bercakap, wajah
yang cantik, jadi ke mana saja anda
pergi anda akan dapat apa yang anda
inginkan. Daripada hari lahir anda,
anda perlu berkerja keras untuk
berjaya. Anda juga seorang yang
menghormati orang yang lebih tua
daripada anda. Bukannya senang nak
menjalinkan hubungan sama ada
percintaan, kekeluargaan atau
persahabatan. Sekiranya anda suka akan
sikap seseorang itu, maka hubungan itu
akan berpanjangan. Anda suka akan
kebebasan, pencipta di mana ada anda
akan membawa harapan, kegembiraan dan
keceriaan ke dunia ini.
Pasangan ideal anda adalah no.6, 9.

Anda adalah seorang yang amat degil
dan rajin. Mungkin anda akan
menjauhkan orang lain daripada anda
kerana kata-kata anda. Anda seorang
yang bertimbang rasa akan masalah
orang lain. Anda berbakat dalam
penyelidikan dan seni. Anda akan
membantu ahli keluarga atau kawan-
kawan yang menghadapi masalah tanpa
berfikir panjang. Anda kena berhati-
hati dengan orang sekeliling anda
kerana mereka mungkin akan
mempergunakan anda. Kawan-kawan anda
akan menghabiskan masa dan wang
ringgit anda dan selepas itu menjauhi
daripada anda apabila anda dah tak ada
nilai buat mereka lagi. Walau
bagaimanapun anda tetap seorang yang
sabar dan tegas.
Pasangan ideal anda adalah no.1, 8.

Anda sangat popular dalam komuniti.
Anda boleh menyelesaikan sesuatu
perkara hanya secara lisan. Anda
mempunyai akal fikiran dalam menjalani
perniagaan. Namun anda terlalu terburu-
buru. Anda adalah seorang yang humor
di kalangan kawan-kawan dan ahli
keluarga. Kawan-kawan dan ahli
keluarga anda juga akan minta bantuan
anda apabila mereka memerlukan
bantuan. Anda bukan seorang yang setia
dalam hubungan percintaan. Anda suka
perubahan dan kebebasan. Anda
mempunyai ciri-ciri seorang pengembara
dan ahli silap mata. Anda mempelajari
hidup melalui pengalaman.
Pasangan ideal anda adalah no.1, 2, 9.

Anda dilahirkan untuk menikmati hidup
ini. Anda tidak pedulikan apa-apa
perkara dan hanya ingin berseronok
dalam hidup anda saja. Anda sangat
pandai dalam pelajaran dan pengurusan
perniagaan. Anda seorang genius, baik
hati (tapi hanya orang yang
beranggapan anda orang baik),
mempunyai paras rupa yang cantik atau
kacak. Semua benda yang baik akan
datang pada anda. Anda mengambil berat
ke atas ahli keluarga dan kawan-kawan
anda. Pada pandangan mereka, anda
adalah seorang yang murah hati,
peramah, adil saksama dan mempunyai
penilaian yang tajam.
Pasangan ideal anda adalah no.1, 3, 9.

Anda mempunyai daya tarikan kepada
sesiapa saja. Anda adalah seorang yang
realistik, yakin, gembira dan
merupakan seorang yang genius dalam
bidang pendidikan, muzik, seni dan
nyanyian. Anda mempunyai masalah sikap
iaitu panas baran. Namun demikian,
anda banyak melakukan pengorbanan
untuk keluarga. Anda meletakkan
keluarga di tempat yang amat tinggi
sekali sehingga kadang-kadang
mengabaikan kebahagian diri sendiri.
Anda telah dilahirkan untuk memberi
sumbangan kepada dunia ini. Jadi anda
seorang yang bagus dan seorang yang
amat gembira.
Pasangan ideal anda adalah no.2.

Anda mempunyai personaliti yang sangat
kuat jadi tak ada orang yang memahami
anda. Kepakaran anda hanyalah menuding
jari pada sesuatu benda. Anda juga
mengalami pelbagai dugaan dalam hidup.
Semua masalah ini telah menjadikan
anda lebih kuat dan tabah. Anda
memperjuangkan keadilan. Kebanyakan
masa anda telah dihabiskan bersama-
sama dengan kawan-kawan. Anda seorang
yang disiplin dalam hidup, tidak putus
asa dan berani. Faktor-faktor ini
telah membawa anda ke puncak kejayaan.
Anda juga adalah seorang ahli pasukan,
keluarga dan pejuang yang sangat bagus.
Pasangan ideal anda adalah no.1, 4.

Anda adalah seorang yang sangat tabah
dari segi fizikal dan juga mental.
Anda mempunyai penilaian yang sangat
tajam. Anda juga adalah seorang yang
sangat dihormati dalam komuniti. Anda
adalah orang yang boleh menerima
cabaran dan berjaya dalam apa jua yang
anda buat. Pada usia yang muda anda
selalu bertentangan dengan ibu bapa
anda. Tapi apabila usia anda telah
semakin meningkat anda adalah seorang
anak yang taat dan hormati mereka.
Anda sesuai menceburi bigan
kejuruteraan atau perbankan kerana
orang lain percaya dan yakin akan
anda. Anda merupakan model teladan
kepada orang lain.
Pasangan ideal anda adalah no. 3, 5, 6.




*no-lie survey* PART 1*


1. Honestly what color is your shirt?
** turqoise

2. Honestly, whats on your mind?
** is my mom feeling oke rite now..

3. Honestly, what have u done yesterday?
** watched horror movie smpi x bleh tdo..(dis is wat we called xder keje cari keje..haha)

4. Honestly, have you ever been in love?
** yup...4 sure..aku bukan kayu okes..haha

5. Honestly, feeling anything unusual today?
** yup.. x smpat minum soya pagi nie..huh!!!

6. Honestly, is your heart still occupied?
** nop..*sigh*

7. Honestly, who is the last person you talked to on the phone?
** Dr L

8. Honestly , are you jealous of somebody right now?
** nop...x heran pun..hoho!!

9. Honestly, what makes you sad most of the time?
** y azeera still here???? *sambil pandang sekeliling*

10.Honestly, are you LOVING someone right now?
** partially in luv...*smbil buat2 muka x faham*

11. Honestly, what are the things u don't want in life?
** life without fail!!! blh x?????

12. Honestly, do you want to see someone this very moment?
** yup...mama..(i know she really needs me rite now...sian mama)

14. Honestly, do you love someone very much?
** should i answer dis???????

15.Honestly, does anyone like you?
** hahaha...i have no idea..

enjoy ur weekend..

till then..

*InterVIEW Pagi ???*

* 50 random questions*

1) Last night, did u go to sleep happily?
> nop...coz 'si-busuk-merah' xder..
2) When was the last time you changed clothes in front of someone?
> most of d time..in front of my roomate..hoho..
3) Has anyone told you a secret this week?
> yes...bout he n his luvly ones..
4) Did you have a good day yesterday?
> yup...in fact not only yesterday..but hopefully d whole week..
5) What was the highlight of today?
> my final draft thesis
6) Do you ever turn your cell phone off?
> absolutely nop..i wont never ever turn it off...
7) What happened at 3:00am today?
> zzzzzz.........n pg toilet @ 4.05 am..
8) When was the last time you took a picture with your number 1 friend?
> last year kot..rindunyer...dah lamer x buat crazy snap...ptg nie ehh...
10) Do you hate anyone?
> yup....sorrylaaa but honestly mmg menyampah tahap dinasour..
11) Do they know who they are?
> yes n nop..not sure
12) What is your favorite thing to drink with ice cream?
> vanilla coke plus oreo..ehh boleh ker...boleh try nih..
13) When did you last cry?
> few days ago...huhu...only zack knows y..
14) Have you ever collapsed on the bathroom floor?
> nope n hopefully never
15) Do you have a good relationship with your mother?
> yup i do...she is my mama, my fren n also my boyfriend
16) When was the last time you bought something?
> few minutes ago...4 my lunch..
18) Have you ever told someone you love them?
> yup alwiz..*cayang ADAM*
19) Do you continue fighting in an argument even though you know you're wrong?
> nop...mengaku salah lebih senang...
21) Where were you today?
> in my office (cabin)..
22) Is there anyone that calls you baby?
> yup....long time ago...(my ex used 2 call me dat)
23) In the next 2 months what are you looking forward to the most?
> VIVA n suitable job
24) Why?
> dats wat i really want n aim for rite now
25) Who did you last call?
> mama
26) What are you thinking of right now?
> answering this quest^^
27) When and where was the last time you partied?
> im not 'party-gal' type..
30) Have you ever sat and waited for someone to come online?
> nop act...but klu ada...adalaa..
31) When was the last time you laughed so hard you thought you were going to cry?
> last week...wit my fren punyer kwn..he's like clown in any ways he talks or react..
33) Did you tell someone something today?
> yup.....'ela rindulaa kat mama'
34) Do you like make-up?
> sure...i like 2 luk girly-gal-luk sometimes..
35) Do you like dressing up?
> sure..depends on my mood at dat time...
36) Have you ever considered a shopping spree?
> YUP!!!! yahoo...
38) What will you buy next?
> new lingerie n DVD
32) Have any crazy family members?
> crazy not exactly...but spastic yup...my sister..hoho..
39) Are you bored?
> of coz not...lots of work 2 b done..
40) What's on your mind right now?
> ape aku nak pki ms wedding aku nanti hah??? hahaha...merepek sungguh..
41) What are you wearing?
> juz in simple stuff..jeans + shirt + tudung
42) Any plans for today?
> goin out wit my best buddies ptg nie...he wants 2 belanja me pizza...plus cheezy crust okeyz...
44) What's the connection between you and the last person that called you?
> wrong number maybe..coz d person xnak ckp or maybe dia 'bisu' kot..
45) What's your favorite C2 flavor?
> C2??? have no idea..
46) What's the nicest text in your inbox say?
> sumone sent me a msg..'i like 2 read ur blog'...thanks guyzz..
48) What's beside you right now?
> a bottle of drinking water, roti n my Sony E handphone..
49) Where do you want to be right now?
> KL..hehe
50) What is it that you find so hard to forget?
> 4giv n 4get!!!

*Took from Bulletin in Friendster - posted by my fwen Aida Farhah*
Thanx Aida..


*juz-in- da- mood*

Hye guyzzz!!!!

nothing much 2 say..juz wanna u guys know dat im really in a goooooooood mood lately...
wonder y huh ??? hehhehh..i have no answer 4 dat...juz my heart feel so....lalalalalallaalala!!!!

soooooo in d moooood

this exactly described my self dis week...

enjoy ur day peeps!!!

p/s : but my mood juz not in d place bila aku teringat my hero 'Federer' yg kalah n menangis dgn comelnya...hmmmm...