i hav no idea act y dis thing shud b written here
but it really crossed my mind in a couple of days
since ive been asking d same questn by my cousins, officemates, n even my boss
yuh guys...my mind hav been blizzard by dis things lately

Believe it or not
Some people wait their whole lives to find their soul mates
But only dat person knows y it has 2 take long long time to get their truly ones

It was unthinkable sumtimes..yet it really happens

in real life, we cannot simply get wat we want..
All d lovely criteria in one-whole package
People alwiz says dat
Muka hensem perangai hodoh…
Muka x brape hensem perangai tiptop..terbaik…
How pathetic..
But honestly pd aku muka cukup2 mkn pun xpe
as long as he give me 101 % care n luv 4EVER 4 my entire life ...
All enuff 2 made my life a bed of roses

soul-mate 2 me???

sumone who loves me with every single beat of his heart
sumone who thinks bout me constantly (wlupun bz 24/7)
sumone who spends every minute of everyday just wondering

*wat i'm doin..where am i..who i'm with..n if i'm OK*

sumone who can help me reach my dreams
sumone who can protect me from my fears
sumone who will treat me with respect
sumone who love every part of me especialy my flaws
sumone who can make me happy..really happy..dancing-on-air happy!!!

sumone that hug me when i got home from a hard day at work
sharing bed n b woken up by him every single morning
laughing wit me so much
havin fight wit me over stupid things

d list will never ended..

Eventhough i hv already taste d sore of having few trouble relationship so far
failed in dat department will never ever put me down
it makes me stronger day by day
with full of maturity
life-changing has perked me up, in a strange sort of way sumtimes

now i genuinely interested with my life
my new workdays..my families...frens...

my soul-mate ????
yuh looking forward..

im a bit picky but im not a fickle lover..


Paris made me cry......................

Poor baby...

I literally cried hearing Paris's words and seeing her crying face

It tore my heart...really...