Barbaric Israelis

Israeli soldiers
Israeli forces crossed into Gaza on Saturday night, launching ground attacks and seriously ratcheting up the Israeli-Palestinian conflict following a week of bombardment from intensive airstrikes. The United Nations Security Council met that evening in New York about the mounting Mideast crisis.

The New York Times:
The ground campaign brought new risks and the prospect of significantly higher casualties on both sides in a conflict that, even before the ground war started, had already taken the lives of more than 430 Palestinians and four Israelis.
While a ground campaign in densely populated Gaza is likely to increase the civilian death toll there, the Israeli Army also faces new threats. Hamas has had 18 mon
ths since Israel withdrew from the territory to smuggle in more lethal weapons against tanks and troops. Its more sophisticated arsenal has been on display over the last weeks, as it has launched scores of longer range rockets from Gaza into Israeli cities.
Israeli officials said they want to strike a hard blow against Hamas, improve Israeli deterrence and significantly change the security situation in southern Israel, where residents have been plagued by rocket fire out of Gaza for years.
I was devastated by the sad 2 hear all dis things happened again and again..Its really horrible that Palestinians civilians have to live in such dangerous , unsafe conditions...
2 think dat one day perhaps zion-ism will come crashing, trashing, bashing through ur living room and indiscrimenately taking all dat is was so scary...but dats wat had happenned there...sungguh memalukan bagi kerajaan Israel!!!!
dis morning i received 2 sms from my frens. 1 of them from Syam..
d msg is
*Tolong bacakan Lailahaillallah, Allahuakbar & surah Al-Ikhlas 3X* utk masjid Al-Aqsa yg masih dikepung oleh Israel
and another msg from wakil Muslim Care di Syria..which d message has been forwarded 2 me by also member of Muslim Care Malaysia.. thanx 2 him..It says
*sehingga ke saat ini 450 (makin bertambah) SYAHID, 2000 cedera*
x dpt nak imagine how worst d situation is rite now...worst n gettin worst day by day..Jika u guys rs blh bantu dan ingin sgt membantu sumthing utk saudara kita d sana ( those palestinian), dis is d right channel u can go thru..
*Sebarang derma utk Palestina blh disalur ke akaun RHB Bank*
atas nama Muslim care..
Marilah kita sama2 memberi sumbangan yg termampu.. Ini sajalah cara utk kita tnjukkan keprihatinan rakyat Malaysia membantu bumi Palestine yg semakin teruk diserang Yahudi..Teruskanlah berdoa utk kesejahteraan dan keselamatan saudara kita di sana..Amin..

{The Palestinian says: I witness there is NO God but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. (The shahada also said when the Muslim is dying)

The Israelis say: Did you listen? They are still saying no.}

by Easen Al Kalel-Al watan newspaper-Oman


watch dis......

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