Today is 13th July 2012. 2012?????? dah 2012?? seriously 2012????? betulke ni? macamana dalam senarai post nie belum wujud post untuk 2012? hilangke my post??

Ok Azeera enough drama...haihhh wat a 'bz bee' me. i have no idea wat happen actually to me all dis while until i dun ever noticed i havent blog for so longgggggg. Sorry bloggers. Anyway i have to say dat i am very happy with my life now. So many CHANGES, so many WORKLOADS and so occupied with things around me. Nama pun mama & isteri kan (wink!). Dats it!!

Obviously, there are BIG change in my life starting 2012. There r :

a) Lahirnya si cheeky, Noor Yusuf Noor Zulfadhli. 
b) Sangat 'glu' dengan kerja. Masa Yusuf 3 bulan, saya sudah busy outstation. Hmmm my boss sudah sibuk sms saya walaupun sy masih cuti bersalin. Tidak patut! Its my maternity leave hokey.
c) Dis list goes on n on with just lame excuse, OUTSTATION!! 

Owh to finish up the whole story of Yusuf is just a BIG thing dat need to spend quite a time. So do excuse me for that n promised will update bout it SOON (sila simpan perkataan 'soon' ini kerana saya tahu anda sudah tidak mahu mempercayainya. Hihi). 

Ok do check out my post of dis cheeky boy soon!!