Honestly i hate 'expectations'..
i dun like pple doing their expectations on me
especially bl yg buat 2 org yg dekat dgn kita like our families, frens..

y do we have 2 put any expectations on others????
x buat x bolehker..

and 'expectations' always comes 2gether with 'comparison'
btl x?? when some pple put their high expectations on us..
secara x lgsg mesti dia akan compare kita dgn org lain..which I HATE d MOST!!!

do pple know dat expectations act juz akan buat u rasa :
  • sgt stress bl x dpt buat
  • rs kecik sgt bl diperbandingkan
  • rasa diri nie x ckup pndai
mmgla sum pple wud say dat its gud when pple put their high expectations on u..
coz it shows dat they think positive on u right
but 2me when there r expectations, it must b followed by a gud n positive impact also..

means, if pple expect u 2 score high in a test lets say..
but klu bkn rezeki u utk lulus dgn cemerlangnyer..then aper u blh buat..
same goes when u cr kerja..
doesnt mean u ada degree @ master u kna dpt kerja n gaji yg berbaloi dgn level education u..
btl x?? HARDWORK n EXPERIENCE are more important guyzz..

Sumtimes kita rasa kita blh buat ape yg org lain rasa kita blh..
but when we giv a try..
br kt realize yg ape kita buat 2 bkn ape kita nak..
only we knows wat we can do n wat we want our future 2 b..

Rite now i have to cope wit people's expectations
  • expectation of getting suitable jobs
  • expectation of meeting Mr Right
  • expectation to further studies
Expectations is just a burden 2 me...


aiSya iRa said...

yeah ur rite....
expectation makes me very stress!!

Anonymous said...

alamak sis...lupe plak forward aritu. ada vacancy aritu, tp executive je la.bkn engr.sorry sis...cima....next time, i think a few more vacancies will open a few weeks from now, because cima going to expand their business. the suitable for u job scope mcm mn eh? QC engr that play with all chemistry things can do right?

Anonymous said...

forgot to tell. here we can further study until the highest we want. under khazanah skim, they can provide us 70% of total payment for study. biasala glc, bleh la dpt mcm org gomen sket;p

AzeerA said...

oo yuh...
act my scope more to construction or environmental engineering..
nothing much bout chemistry..

but nway than 4 ur info Mr Anonymous..