d title is *Senggara Jalan : Apa yang anda tidak perlu tahu*
d title itself sound provocative kan
dats d best thing bout my boss here..he likes 2 make sumthing simple to b beyond than dat..
obviously to capture pple to read (im sure reader wud ask y 'tidak'???? gud one!!!!)

yuh finally!!!!!!!
after 3 months we been soaked  into dis thing
editing, translate words, betulkan sentence, design pages bla..bla
 its juz worth it
a manual of pavement n senggara jalan..
wat a usefull book we had
at least my name was there for my whole entire life.
who knows, sumday my children nnti in d same field, i mean in civil engineering
n they notice my name was there..yumyum!!!
at least sumthing than nothing rite..hehe
wlupun i know im not here 4 a longer period (coz my heart purely into water n wastewater engineering actually)
but dun u think its Fantastic!!!!
eventho dis manual juz  flow with technical people specifically in dis pavement line
but 2 know dat its a useful thing 2 sum other pple, it juz make my day (im talking bout semlm when d manual officially siap!!!)

props 2 everyone who get involved
especially my mate n bosses including Dato (for being so supportive)

eventho most of the content was contributed by my boss
n we (anak buah) juz did on translating, editing, designing n susun2 part
but dats it...d satisfaction was there
almost 2 weeks i had 2 work in d office smpi ke mlm
tp i x pernah rasa nak marah or wateva
in fact, it put my feelings at higher satisfaction especially when u can see d output

Manual Senggara Jalan
at least i contribute sumthing b4 i leave dis field
real 'sumthing' 2 me

like it..
dats all

*Happy Birthday BB*

Happy 27th Anniversary Yang!!!!!!! 
p/s kepada geng! : yuh..yuh.. aku tau korang sedang mengira berapa bulan aku lebih tua dr dia kan.3 bln SAHAJA oke. Fullstop. X mau jawab soalan yg lain.

Dear, dis year gonna b ur 27th birhday of ur own n 4th celebration wit me.Since we've known each other way back in degree batch. We're in d same class, same PA witout any noticing d existence of each other. How pathetic it sounds. Luckily we've known each other right becoz of ur housemate-matter(we shud thanked them nway).Yuh u're d last person i've been talked to among all ur notty-ousemates. Funny kan. End up yg lain entah ke mana but we still be 2gether. Then until now, they get really shocked when u tell them we already engaged. Haha we owe them a longggg explanation.

D best part in our story is actually his frens was d one whose tryin 2 make a move on me at first n on my part totally different story, coz i started havin conversation with him was when i hav 2 b orang tengah  to match him wit one of my fren.Bukan suka2 nak match kan oke but i did it on her behalf (malu perempuan punyer pasal). For ur info, in my class most of d gals fren x campur sgt dgn guys. So my geng yg slalu jd orang tengah bertindak sebagai 'letter' between gals n guys in dat class. Dan oleh kerana dlm geng, mulut sy yg plg 'bertih jagung; so tugas2 seperti ini, saya yang tunaikan. By the way, i like it when it comes 2 matching 2 individuals dat 2 me, gonna make perfect '2 become 1'. (hehe...but skrg '2 become 1' wit me. Damn!!) Starting from dat point, i became closer  wit him without realizing he was actually sudah jatuh hati pada saya.

Sungguh kurang sopan apabila dulu dia suka ejek aku hidung kecik (but i have 2 agree on dat part coz sekurang2nya hidung saya lebih chumel dr hidung dia..hahah) Yg lawak, Zul nie sgt malu nak start any move, so dengan alasan yg x brape alasan, dia telah men'sms' saya utk bermain bowling  n jadi team dorg utk dis one-tournament anjuran college. But ketika itu, i have 2 decline ,disbbkan ada prog lain n kurang kepercayaan terhadap kebolehan diri utk bermain. So, dgn selamba i suggest my ousemate to join them. N again dgn alasan yg x brape alasan he want me to tagged along sebagai cheer-gal. Utk tidak menghampakan, i b there sepanjang tournament dijalankan wlupun x brape nak nampak fungsi aku kat situ. 

Then starting from dat moment, we get closer as he kept texting me every day. Masa tu dah nmpk mcm betting plak (bg sesiapa yg x tau cerita) coz he done dat kerana jealouskan his ousemate yg rajin sms saya. (seems like i've sink together with them in dis drama thing). Kesungguhan dia membawa sy keluar makan (sekali lg dgn alasan utk mengambil jeans yg sebenarnya kedai tu mmg terang2 x dibuka on weekend), melayan ngada-ness saya, gedik-ness, bebel-ness n everything. Thanx 4 dat. n bcoz of dat, we r here now after went thru all d ups n down. I'm amazed we hav lasted dis long actually.. Eventho we went thru over thick n thin especially when we're dealing with break-off moment. How bad we were during dat time. But wit strong 'chemistry' n takdir oleh-Nya, we still b 2gether altho i already met few guys masa tu.  Yg penting, rite now, i can 'feel' u n hopefully u too. We really understand each other. Dats d best thing. U're just amazed me by d way u talk, u react on sumthing n handle things. 

Obviously i'm kinda-hard-to-understand sumtimes, but u were alwiz there wlupun slalu kna marah when u're tryin to advise n explain things 2 me. It alwiz been done half way jer..hehe. Dear, again thanx!! No matter wat, I know u're d best 4 me.

(dis entry is specially dedicated to u BB)

* yesterday's pix hasil snap my sis yg sgt berkebolehan.Thanx adik, gmbr nie extraordinary cantik.Haih !! Hasil yg membanggakan ;-)*

* both of us as pengapit during my BFF's wed ceremony* 

*Life is Running.............*

Life is running with me leaving wayyy behind *sob..sob*
Been pondering..................................
where is me????

D truth is;

I love havin family-gathering. But most of d time, i can't be there.

I'm engaged but hav no much time 2 accompany him (I am bz on weekdays while he wit his packed schedule on weekends). Only once a week. Yuh but even once a week, it will turn out differently if we enjoy every bit of it (nak sedapkan hati)

I like gossiping n havin long conversation wit mama but we seldom hav time 2 hav dat even thru d phone

I've passed my master's VIVA but wit no feelings at all (i mean i shud b happy n proud of myself) but d truth is not even celebrating it, i also neither hav time 2 do corrections on my thesis writing eventho i realized only a month left 2 submit.

Luv reading novels, but end up d book been reading itself (Yuh even d book i got from Zul. Maybe until i get next year's gift, i still havent finished on dat.

Missing my master's geng, but everytime we planned 2 meet up we failed to do so

Luv havin nite-chill-out at least 4 juz a cup of coffee. But everytime i planned on dat, each time it will b ended lying on my bed. Planning gone.

Every1 is gettin older but me n 'her' still in our own stand witout tryin to make any move. Until when....eventho we realized dat no matter wat we r sisters.

Luv making new friends, but time always pull me away on getting it.

2010 is on its way..but i havent prepared anythin on dat. Including our nuptial knot either.

Damn. How far i've been left behind????
Need to b more relax n focus on myself. 
2010. Need whole lot of changes.

 p/s : Dis weekend planning hopefully gonna b my first start


Eja...u r now in a pudding club...yuhuuuuuuu
congrats babe
wlupun aku x berapa suka niat murni kau menambahkan bil populasi negara kita
tp deep inside aku suka nak tgk 2nd version of Merah
but dis time hopefully wud be a little-cute-boy k
aminnnnnn (aku aminkan dulu ;-) )

Eja yg aku kenal ;
  • Mummy yg gile2 n hippy all d time. Tetapi tidak termasuk waktu2 tertekan akibat kerja berganda..hehe
  • Suka ukur tanah. Maksud aku kuat berjalan. Mungkin akan sakit jika tidak dapat kluar berjalan wlupun sekali semgu.
  • Manusia hebat yg layak digelar GPS. Setiap inci jalan di KL dia tau. Tapi aku confused sbb minah nie xtau memandu (cuba anda bygkan jika dia mempunyai lesen memandu??)
  • Geng plg best bab kutuk, keji n kenakan org. Especially kau si kecik..DyLa..hehehe
  • Banyaaaaaaaaakkkkkk ckp!!! But when it comes 2 havin a meeting ke aper...banyaaaaaaaaakkkkkk senyap!!hehe
  • d one n only mummy di dunia ini yg suka bertekak, bergaduh n berdrama dgn anak sendiri. Yes wit little-Mayra aka Merah.
  • Blogger setia aku
  • Ibu beranak 1 n bakal 2 yg suka gle sesi bergambar. Termasuklah gmbr spider versi geng di dlm office. Haha
  • Akhir sekali, she's d one who left a bun in d oven!! Tahniah..

Baby-Mayra yg super-talkative. Muka dia 1 copy mcm kau Eja. 
But nway she is much way comel than u.Haha 

Here u r. Wlu aku byk kutuk n keji kau. Kau tetap my BFF. Sayang kau!!!!!!!

p/s : babe, aku dengan sengaja telah mencuri pix anak kau. Haha