1.  Financial
Yuh dis must b d 1st thing 2 b described in my life (obviously nothing 2 do wit me materialistic or wat so eva). I hav 2 agree it is d most influenced thing life. No money no talk oke!!. Financially, 2009 is starting of everything, coz dis is my first gaji in technical working. Regardless all d kerja2  merepek dat is not related 2 my study including marketing field thingy. B4 dis during my master's study, i got allowance from MOSTI since i did research in science n tech. Its like gaji i wud say coz i earn 1.3k every month (not every semester). Eventho i hav channeled most of them 2 my wrong-way esp shopping, but 1 thing dat i did put myself at satisfying level was i still gav quarter of them in proper channel like givin 2 my parents, my sister n bayar duit kereta. Oppss..itu tahun berapa merepek. Lets back to 2009. Eventho obviously i dun hav any financial prob since im working here, but 1 thing did upset me was my saving. Masih tidak memuaskan. In fact mengecewakan!! N 2 make things worst i juz got notice dr Pej. Bendahari, Azeera awak berhutang 2k dgn university. haha....selamba boleh xtau diri berhutang (serious gile!!! but sekarang sudah mula gelabah ;p)

Achievement : 3/5
Wish for 2010 : my hutang dapat byr (b4 my Graduation Day), n at least i hav a single accounts juz for saving purpose.

2. Love/relationship
been single 4 few months n  engaged in October 2009. Hmm..really in fast track i guess.

Achievement : 3/5 
Wish for 2010 : of course my Big Day. Insyallah.


3. Academic
Alhamdulillah..this part i luv d most among all in 2009. Saat2 yg paling ditunggu2 4 almost a year n also saat yg paling ngeri 2 those who r in d same line wit me (research). Back in Nov,  i had pass my VIVA research presentation!! n saya sudah layak dapat Master. wlupun utk mengingatkan kembali all d moment dlm bilik meeting, purposely 4 Q & A session 4 about 2 hours. Haih! sgt takut. But now looking 4ward d best time 2 further my study in phD. Insyallah.

Achievement : 5/5
Wish for 2010 : continue study (kan best klu dpt further study kat oversea..hmm cr sponsor cepat!!!!)


4. Career
Since rite now im working as Govern-servant as J41, bersyukur sgt2 wlupun masih kontrak. In 2009, i can picture myself wit lots of career changing juz 2 put me in each field yg dirasakan sesuai. Start wit, Tutor, then Cikgu, and Financial Analyst (paling x blh blah). Then sekarang kekal di unit Pavement, JKR HQ. At first im a little bit shaky 2 know dat im goin 2 stay here, esp in dis highway field (feeling ini wujud kerana ms degree, highway bukan subject core sy..hahah). Dalam hati xperla utk kejap je kot. Then after few months, saya jatuh cinta dgn field ini. very technical, I like!!! But deep inside, sy masih mengharap bidang utama sy iaitu environmental engineering focusing in Water n Wastewater treatment (dalam hati, klu dpt kerja kat Indah Water..bestnyaaaaaaaaaa!!!!). But as 4 me, kat mana2 pun saya bekerja, i wil put my freaking as*  100% so dat i wont dissapoint my boss, my team mate n me myself!!!

Achievement : 3.5/5
Wish for 2010 : push myself harder so dat i wud stay in gear 5 all d time (bolehker??). Besides, chances utk kembali dlm core field (env. eng) lebih terbuka luas.

5. Family-thing
may need whole lot of attention kerana saya slalu tidak berpeluang utk join family trip yg best2. Saya terlepas ke Penang n Kedah (jmpa Maktok) n tidak dpt join trip 2 Cameron (sedih never been there oke) n few trip yg saya sudah lupa. But 4 a start in 2010, juz now i juz came back from Bukit Tinggi. wuhuuuuuuuuu...wat a magnificient view!!! but when talking bout outdoor activity, mcm x best sgt, since only cam-whoring session shj yg boleh dbuat. There r horse trail, n few games like bowling n bla..bla, tp bukan itu yg saya teringin nak main. But 4 a start oke laa..at least i can spent my time wit fam members. But hopefully, my parents wud arrange any trips sewaktu hari cuti umum, so dat i wont hav any problems 2 join them. Bila teringat balik, masa Master, saya dgn selamba boleh bercuti suka hati depends on my fam's activity. X pernah miss pun. But sekarang, commitment 2 work had pull me off n had contribute 2 d lower achievement in dis family-thing deparment. Haih..

Achievement : 2/5
Wish for 2010 : mama, jom pegi cameron!!!

6. Hobbies
in d first place, i shud ask myself, Do i hav time 4 diz??? hmm if most of my weekends, i spent wit my BFF, Zul n families, then when can i hav d chance 2 put all my hobbies chapter  into my weekend's schedule. I luv doing outdoor activities. Lebih lasak, lebih tinggi tahap keinginan saya. Keinginan paling tinggi buat masa sekarang adalah menziarah kembali Genting Highlands. Sgt rindu nak naik Space Shot (not sure they still called it as Space shot or not..coz my last trip there was like early 2000). Others like wall climbing, bungee jumping, go-kart, paint ball n it goes non stop. Looking 4ward 2 hav sum of it in d year 2010. Been pondering who gonna b my mangsa utk menemankan sy buat semua ini???. Dan smbil itu ada sape2 yg tau channel mana harus sy salurkan keinginan sy ini.

Achievement : 1/5
Wish for 2010 : plan utk ke Genting bersama Geng berjaya *crossing finger*

7. Frenship
yeay...geng bertambah..jika sebelum nie, geng saya hanya terbatas pada  geng degree n master batch sahaja, but skrg sudah bertambah dgn geng office (geng Double G!! Gossip n Gedik). But which ever circle of frens i had, they juz rock my life. Spending time with them juz energizes me. So geng saya sekarang adalah Geng Master, Geng Office n Geng Degree Batch. Semua saya Sayang!!!!!

Achievement :  4/5
Wish for 2010 : lebih byk masa utk sesi 'Geng, lepak Jom!!!!!'

I wud try to make dis new year 2010 more successful and joyful. N for each department with lower achievement should b ready to b taken dis year.  Make sure no pending in d future years. Insyallah..


Anonymous said...

Second item. Love/relationship. Big Day????



azEEra said...

oke..Soalan sgt ringkas. So, d answer wud b very ringkas as well ;p

belum tau lagi

belum confirm jugak. But sumwhere around KL.

kenapa? x boleh ker?? ;P


Anonymous said...

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Zara~AB said...

hey azeera. i suka item hobbies tue! if u r so into adventure activities, do keep in touch with me, that is what i do these days, tapi lately agak kurang! hehehe. last time, i buat wall climbing every weekend, adventure triathlon, abseiling, rafting and mcm2 lar. hehehe. we're planning for ATV ride soon!

azEEra said...

Hye Zara

owh yuh..best tu!!
u ada join any club ker
if u dun mind, boleh i tau u join club aper?