*Gudbye Sony-E*

not because i dun luv u anymore SonyE (i luv 2 pronouns it as Sony-E)
but Nokia juz came 2 me at d right timing when i really need him
not 2 say u r not gud enuff either..its juz dat i need a new one n yet u still in a damaged mode. sob..sob!!

Welcome 2 azeera's clan, E72!!
wat a satisfying feelings 2 hav u NokiE

Fast performance, stylish appearance, good internet browser, great messaging and email handling. Specs; loaded!! n now i got 3G, WIFI, and GPS. All dis while, Zul hav to b my regular navigator (yuh bb, u dun hav 2 worry bout me sesat anymore..hahah). But seriously i still need u though. Bcoz i enjoy d moment when u givin me direction, then when i dun get it, i naik marah n u sabar saja..I luv dat part !! Thank God! Laki lain belum tentu boleh sabar dgn aku. Huhu)

yuh at 1st i was thinking n crave 4 Blackberry Storm2. But after cbuk-tanya-tanya my frens
they said d phone slalu hang bcoz its-a-touch-screen-mode..no keypad..hmmmm! n it will create probs if u wanna text while driving (sy sgt suka!!) So end up juz hav a cheaper n simple one

Welcome E72!!


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Anonymous said...

hahaha.. bes2.. yg penting kau leh 3G nnt dgn zul..mcm aku yg PJJ nih..NNt aku PJJ dgn kau, leh la 3G gak. lg 1 bli cager 1 utk dlm kete k! EHEHEHE...