d title is *Senggara Jalan : Apa yang anda tidak perlu tahu*
d title itself sound provocative kan
dats d best thing bout my boss here..he likes 2 make sumthing simple to b beyond than dat..
obviously to capture pple to read (im sure reader wud ask y 'tidak'???? gud one!!!!)

yuh finally!!!!!!!
after 3 months we been soaked  into dis thing
editing, translate words, betulkan sentence, design pages bla..bla
 its juz worth it
a manual of pavement n senggara jalan..
wat a usefull book we had
at least my name was there for my whole entire life.
who knows, sumday my children nnti in d same field, i mean in civil engineering
n they notice my name was there..yumyum!!!
at least sumthing than nothing rite..hehe
wlupun i know im not here 4 a longer period (coz my heart purely into water n wastewater engineering actually)
but dun u think its Fantastic!!!!
eventho dis manual juz  flow with technical people specifically in dis pavement line
but 2 know dat its a useful thing 2 sum other pple, it juz make my day (im talking bout semlm when d manual officially siap!!!)

props 2 everyone who get involved
especially my mate n bosses including Dato (for being so supportive)

eventho most of the content was contributed by my boss
n we (anak buah) juz did on translating, editing, designing n susun2 part
but dats it...d satisfaction was there
almost 2 weeks i had 2 work in d office smpi ke mlm
tp i x pernah rasa nak marah or wateva
in fact, it put my feelings at higher satisfaction especially when u can see d output

Manual Senggara Jalan
at least i contribute sumthing b4 i leave dis field
real 'sumthing' 2 me

like it..
dats all


Anonymous said...

~dlafarhana~:lame betol nak tggu blog ko ni...huhuhuhu...tak sabar nak tggu buku kite 2...buku kite ke???hehhehe

azEEra said...

yes babe

buku kita ;-)
wlupun J** akan kata buku dia
but who cares??
kita yg bersengkang mata smpi mlm
mengadap buku tu..

yg penting its an 'aset' 2 all of us..

kau nak book 2 kan..
aku plak nak book 6 buku..
nak bagi d whole fam..hahaha
perlu campur si demuk' ke..;-)
(baca pun x lepas lagi)

p/s : babe, control ckit 'perangai x berapa comel' kau tu depan parents-mertua..hahahha! HAPPY HOLIDAY!!

Anonymous said...


chepah said...

syabas!!! nak kata buku kite jugak la..hehhe..buleh ke? even dgn hanya meneman azeera & suri di kala waktu malam menonsong... (menonsong tu mende? buat penyedap ayat je tuh..HAHHAHA!!)

Anonymous said...


azEEra said...
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azEEra said...


kaula peneman sejati regardless dah byk kali aku pecah rekod tembus sudut 'hati' kau..hahahahahah

thanx nway ;p

lawak ke??

azEEra said...
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