*take-a-peek @ chiLis*

10.1.2010 (Saturday)                 
*10 days back???? but who cares???*

Short note on dat day

              1.   Lunch-time
              2.   Chilis @ Mid Valley
              3.   6 of us - Me, Dila, Eja n her Japanese-look daughter, Nurul n her
                    funny-sempoi BF

              4.   Dis delight lunch was a special treat by Nurul
              5.   Total bill RM 295 (dun u dare askin us y it costs Nurul dat much!! 
                    Our big tummy will answer tho)

              6.   Great food, nice ambience, super yummy-medium cooked steak!! 
                    2 b spesific it was  a Flame-Grilled Ribeye. Highly recommended
              7.   Thank u..Thank u Nurul 4 dis mouth-watering lunch menu 
                    (i know we owe u (our bottomless-pocket gal) a big-one huh?? ;p)

Dats all. Luv u GG Geng!!

p/s : pix b4 and after lunch

me wit baby Dorae jepun ;p
no speculation on her oke. Yup she is Nurul!! ;p

all of us

Flame-Grilled Ribeye


chepah said...

nyum..nyummm..sedapnye....nok etek!!! heheheh...

Anonymous said...

You look gook
Food look delicious
You guys look happy

azEEra said...

Ms/Mr Anonymous

i assume u're tryin 2 tell me dat i look good instead of gook ;)

hehe..TQ nway

yup..we r very happy 2 enjoy d moment together
dats wat we used 2 b

hijaBBuSSaina said...

http://hijabbussaina.blogspot.com/ SAJE nk sruh kau + list blog n promot1 skit k. hahaha

azEEra said...

Dear Ebba

All d best