*Brawn n Button*2-in-a-row*

Hye peeps..
Last weekend i've been bz updating myself with dis F1 thingy..
starting from d qualifying session till d chaotic race ended..
sorry adik..mama!! TV telah di'conquer' oleh aku n Shidie on dat day..hehe!!

Well done JB!!!

All i can say..
he was just pressing d right 'button' when he again won his 2nd GP in rainshortened Malaysian Formula One Grand Prix!!

Some people wud say....'nasib je'...
if dat so..during Australian GP pun nasib kah?? *confused*
dont just take it as a quirk of fate..yet he just did d best!! n he made it..

but yuh2 obviously the car helps but don't forget that the drivers have a big hand in developing these cars also...
mind dat Hamilton !!! heh..heh..

Im quite worry at d beginning..
bcoz with a poor start n Trulli got a decent start but this was nothing compared to Rosberg who rocketed n super getaway from his grid box and made the early pace
Button was leading when the expected rain finally arrived on the 22nd lap..

despite making a 2nd pit call (the first had been on the 19th or 20th lap i think)
to switch from his 2nd set of soft compound Bridgestones to wets...
he resumed still in the lead and continued that way until Toyota's Timo Glock was going on intermediates after his stop on Lap 22..
but hotty Button swept back in on Lap 29 and grabbed the lead back from Glock as the Toyota dived in at the end of Lap 30 for wets...fuhhhhh!!!

When the red flag came out on lap 32, the order was like :
Button, Glock, Heidfeld (a long way behind after a spin), Trulli, Barrichello, Hamilton, Rosberg and blaa...blaa.. (cant remember all of them) n Fisichella who had spun twice..

Until all d guessing began..
Would they restart the race??????
the rain eased but the sky became darker with the onset of evening..
huh....n i was starvingggggg!!!
baru la ingat yg aku x lunch lagi...huhu

Then im off 2 makan wit my fam...
so i dun really know wat was actually happens after dat..
but disbbkan my 'passionate enthusiasm'..hehe
tanpa malunya i asked my fren 2 watch it 4 me...
n he did a brilliant job as he reported 2 me every single things..

n d best thing 2 hear was when he told me dat the race was ended n Button wins!!!
Thanx NaZliE..(i've been requested to put his name here ..n Nazlie ur request has been granted..hehehe)

All d drivers n teams only received half the normal allocation of points..
bcoz d race ended before three-quarters of the scheduled laps were completed..
supposed 2 b 56 laps..but stopped after 32..
as d rain pelted down..

Yuhuuuuu.....make it 3 Button on dis coming GP oke...

Hey guys
im not goin to blog bout him jer..
there r things u should know other than his 2-in-a-row victory
YuhHH!! his hot-gal, Jesicca Michibata (sungguhhhh HOT!!!)

disbbkan sgt jealous ..hehe
i googled n search infos bout her..

n dis is wat i got..

Michibata, 24, was born in Fukui and has a mixed heritage
her mother is Japanese whilst her father is Argentinian with a Spanish and Italian background
Her younger sister Angelica is also a lingerie model

soooo 'in' 2gether...

Till next review..GP in China on 19th April...


Anonymous said...

perghhh...mcm baca news espn...punye detail.... mmg hujan lebat pon...tapi sbb menatang f1 ni la aku sangkut kat jln nak ke terminal ... byngkanla, sampi kat roundabout yang pertama dari nilai nak ke terminal tu pkl 7.05pm. skali roundabout tu tutup sbb raja mn ntah lalu ngan hulubalang2 n para mentrinye. aku sampai terminl pkl 810pm. flight aku pkl 755pm ke AOR.. ampeh...terbang RM330 aku lagi kna bli tket ke Penang. ampeh btul penangan F1...walaupn aku peminat bnda2 race ni. tapi dah bawa musibah kat aku plak.tu yang aku tak baca paper page sukan next day tu, boikot.. ampeh giloooo....huhuuhu...


azEEra said...


sungguh comel kemarahan tu smpi hulubalang pun termasuk dlm list..
bendahara n laksamana xder ker?? haha...

next time klu dah tau ada F1..kluarla pkul 5 ptg...
dis F1-bug mmg bt smua org giler..

ke aku sorg jer?? haha..