Thanx 8ry 4 d award...
This award as a dedication for those who love blogging activity and encourage friendships
through blogging.


1.Place the award logo in one post as soon as you receive it.
2.Do not forget to mention who gives you the award.
3.Answer the award's question by writing the reason why you love blogging.
4.Tags and distribute this award to as many friends as you like.
5.Do not forget to place their links in your post.

** So as a recognition to all d blogger members...esp yg ada dlm my fav list..dis award is specially dedicated 2 u guys..

Rules no. 3 : y-me-luv-blogging???

1. I LOVE when I can write about something with my own perspective no matter how cruel it sounded and get almost instant feedback upon it. Juz luv 2 know dat I’ve given myself a voice. It may not be a voice that is ever heard outside a small group of people, but it’s still there.

2. I’ve been able to express myself via words and pictures in ways I never have before. I’m learning to make a connection with the creative side of me. Juz gets the creative juices flowing.

3. I LOVE the networking community that blogging has made me a part of it. I like socializing n i like the tiny connections I am making each day with other bloggers.

4. Seeing comments on things I’ve written makes me feel happy.

5. I LOVE finding out about other people’s lives and routines. Blogging also allows me to dream of a different life. Besides reading other people’s blogs does remind me that despite our varied lives, there are so many commonalities. Besides, it’s a very gracious and humbling experience to know what’s on other people’s minds.


Anonymous said...


azEEra said...

Mr/Ms Anonymous

Adakah anda ok???
kenapakah nie?

ma name is syahida said...


do u "lisdawati"?..

ehehhee...wassup dude..

hows life?

blog ko menarik la..leh men klik2 ..hehe..camno uat tu..

ma name is syahida said...
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azEEra said...


hye 'adik manis'
alamak do i sound like a Bai (bangla kot?)..

aku ok je dols...
wei kau x plan dtg cni dah ker...
sombong laa awek baru myvi oren nie...;-)

life aku agak menarik lately melayan ousemate2 yg sama 'ting tong'..

owhh aku copy n paste je dr template yg ada babe..
nak buat sndri x reti la plak..

babe..aku nk add kau dlm blog list aku..


Anonymous said...

hahaha...bykla sakit...ni sakit sbb pkir ape ke bondo eh anugerah ni...blog ada, tapi kna block dah la..hahha...
so mnumpang blog awek myvi ni kasik idea yg ngarut syok jgk...so ini jnji seorg anonymous,gwa akan slalu menempel kat blog ni slagi hayat dikandung bdn ku tang semakin memboncit akibat tak bersenam....hahaha....la ni dlm misi nak kurus balik ni...nak kembali ke 55kg sbb la ni dah 74kg...ampehhh...
p/s: tiap2 ari tgk biggest loser kat tv dgn hrpn bleh trun gak....hahahaha


azEEra said...

Mr anonymous

menempel la kat blog nie byk2..
sure lama2 ble slim...;-)

berat angin...@ berat lemak...@ berat air????
biggest loser..knp tgk je..try la masuk dlm tv..
ada berani????

Anonymous said...

awek myvi,

dah apply dah, tpi diorg ckp xckup brat lagi. kna tmbah lagi 100kg..tak sanggup la yg oi...kalo 174kg dh rope bdk air dah..hahaha...tak lrt motor nak grk nnti;p