*Z & A*

speechless :p

Z : I cant stop smiling :) wonder y?? :)
A : :) Hahaha i cant wait to hav 2nd confirmation from the doc 2moro, so dat i can tell my parents n my in laws, they gonna get more cucu ;p
Z : Yup...:) plus we gonna contribute another jemaah among the ummah of Muhammad SAW :) I pray for Allah's mercy n blessed. May Allah blessed our family sayang :) Love u baby boo!!!
Yes Z maybe sounded like a script or maybe it was pick from a book, but actually its nop. Dats d best bout Z, cos he always put his religious on top of everything :)

Syukur alhamdulillah

For both, REZEKI ini ..will blog it out soon..

Hopefully everything will b fine. And i wll try my very best to apply all d positive attitude during my pregnancy. Insyallah..

See all this super-cute lil baby.. They are so appealing..darling..& dishy..Hoaahhhhhh!!!!

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Anonymous said...

ahaha..Alhamdulillah..untung kau dpt Zul..hihihi.. nway congrats momy to be.. suke2.. naufal dpt kawan.. >"<
tk care babe n baby in tumy.. nnt aku blk s,alm tk sbr nk jmpe kau..hihi