*three-months & three-days VS five-days*

Its just a number. No matter how many days d figure shows it never change much in our married life.

Its just about d place we live.

For 3 months 3 days we stayed at my in law's ouse n now its been 5 days already staying on our own.

Lets recap how those 3 months 3 days  have been treated us :
  1. D most best part to think of is my in laws have 'bibik' who do all the house chores. Yes she is mak's bibik not mine, but accidentally she always do for mine also. Laundry & cooking for instance. I never asked her for once, but she insist to as from day to day she gets closer to me. So by having her, i dun hav to think bout cooking or even preparing food once i'm home after work (But hey, i still do my part by helping her preparing d food or being such a half-responsible wife to my husband by preparing dinner for him. Yes walaupun hanya mencedok nasi dan meletakkan lauk di pinggan beliau ;p). In laundry part, I will put all d clothes inside d washer then if saya sempat, saya yang akan buat jemuran part, if not, she will do it for me tanpa saya sedari pun. Sometimes she's just too advance than me, sampaikan saya baru nak tanya machine dh habis ke belum, rupanya dia dah jemur pun baju2 tu. (nampak mcm best n mudah but actually im not happy with it because i want to have d feel being a wife plus doing house chores is not a big problem for me as im kinda domestic person and i want to do it myself especially my things, but having bibik sometimes makes me feel unoccupied at home. Sangat x best. Tapi bila saya buat, then my abah gonna say ' Ehh Azeera bagi Bibik buat'. Hmmm.
  2. Saya ada ramai geng kecik which is my husband's nephew n niece. Mereka comel n talkative. So bila suami saya tiada di rumah, mereka adalah teddy bear saya. Saya dalam bilik, di hall, di dapur, teddy bear ini akan bersama saya. So berada di rumah tidak pernah boring!! On top of dat, they just reminds me my nieces n nephews. Huhu rindu Gemok Michelin, Baby Sha, Adam n Adell.
  1. Zul's family mostly doing business. Own business. So on weekends only me, his sister, Syahida n bibik at home. Since all d teddys tend to play games at Zul's sister's ouse. So me being a glued-potato-couch watching one channel to another. Woahhh sounds so heaven ;p
  2. The first week stayed with my inlaws, saya agak pelik kerana mereka tidak breakfast. Tiada brealfast di rumah which is totally opposite dengan my family yg pentingkan breaklfast daripada lunch. Breaky is a must. In fact jika weekend, everyone will take breakfast together. No exception. While my in laws family, they seldom take breakfast but lunch memang kaw kaw bagi ;p So d only way to solve dis, i just having breaky alone or else i forced my husband untuk temankan saya breakfast di luar. Tiada masalah ;p
  3. Owh waktu dinner tiada masalah kerana konsep yg sama digunapakai dengan sistem family saya. Dinner semua wajib makan sama. Dats wat i like. 
All into one, been at my in law's ouse was doing fine n fun. Never feels like i was in d middle of other family cos seriously i feel like mine (i know they r mine rite after i got married their son, but hey do believe me there r sum people who cannot suit their family in laws at all. Tapi percayalah insyallah kalau hati kita bersih, ikhlas), terus berusaha n berdoa, insyallah things gonna be ok. Things happen for a reason n semua mslh ada solutionnya). Alhamdulillah so far im ok with them.They treat me so good. 


How about 5 days living on our own???

  1. Wahhh in terms of house chores, super-change!!! it multiplied. I never notice myself was one of having OCD until my husband say so. Almost everyday after work, i will make sure d tiles are clean, no dirt, no anything. Saya sapu & sapu lagi, mop dan mop everyday. And i find it interesting. I love it when my house looks clean, smells good and everything are in their place. Yang paling best, suami saya rajin membantu. kalau saya habis mop di hall, dia akan take over mop di dapur, jika saya basuh toilet dalam bilik, he will do d same thing di toilet belakang. Super cool husband saya. Alhamdulillah. Macamana penat pun dia balik dari site, he understand the situation where his wife also penat balik dari kerja, so he make it half the domestic work.
  2. We love doing our thing at home. Watching dvds, sembang bout interior design, berangan design umah, bla bla anything bout house. Since we both civil engineer, we love designing house, reading interior books n me being me love comment-ing LDC Constructions work (husband's business).
  3. Everything at home we put up a system together. From d room itself until d kitchen. Semua ada layout. sebelah kanan letak nie, sebelah kiri letak nie. And if both agreed baru barang itu diletak. Sometimes people would say its too complicated being dat way, but we used to b dat. We like to have a home where it fits wat we like to see, wat we like to have. Even di dapur pun walaupun itu kawasan territory saya, namun dia masih nak tahu mcmana sistem yg saya guna. Drawer nie sy nak letak ape, cabinet nie sy nak taruk ape, n he will give his FOC advice if he felt so. Senang kan. Not to suprise, even kitchen towel juga ada kawasan larangan. hahaha!
  4. Grocery shopping. Woahhhh like **ll when talking bout dis. Everytime i put myself at grocery shopping, it costs me hundreds ringgit. Phewww.
  5. Dulu as early as 6.30 pagi saya keluar ke office, dia hanya akan bangun, kiss n say take care, but now, earlier than dat at 6.15 am, dia akan bangun dan hantar saya sampai kereta. Such a small thing done by him but it such a BIG sweet to me. Thank u sayang!!!
So far being as a wife, never been into a dull moment. Hopefully it will remains. Insyallah.
I’ve probably laughed more in the past few months than I did all last year. Its all about adjustment. Life adjustment. As much as u go with d flow, as much as u enjoys it, everything will go smoothly n naturally. 

Being the problem solver that i am and assistant to him in any ways, i always put him first at home. What he needs, what he gonna wear, is he done with his lunch? and all dat. But sometimes things just happen for a reason, no matter how alert you are, how responsible you may be, things come. Like last nite, my husband just lost his HTC handphone at ATM maybank. Huhuhu. Pity him. Things just happened. Maybe next time i need to follow him doing his bank-ing thing so dat i can b a good reminder next to him. ;p

Actually being a wife is a good thing for every woman to remember. And in the end, everyone wins. If I treat him with love and respect, he will do the same for me. 

Insyallah. Doakan yang terbaik dalam rumahtangga kami. AMIN.

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