Welcome Miss March!!!!! Here are a few of the things that are on my wish list this month.

1) Wish to have a quality time with my nephew, nieces, n all my family members esp kakak yg dah lama sy tak jumpa..huhu


2) Meet up my master's geng, especially G-bet & junior kami ;p
4) Lepak with GG geng. Looking forward to have a 'mini-house-warming' soon ;p
5) Having long coversation over coffee with gud frens

6) Watching movie @ cinema. Sejak kahwin saya & husband sudah jarang tgk movie di cinema since we opt to watch dvd at home. Lebih selesa & romantis. Uwekkk ;p


7) Shopping spree (mostly adalah utk barang2 umah fav me n zul like cute mini arm chair, rug, OVEN.

8) VACATION. Me n Zul always keep our mini-plan for a better & bigger future planning. End up bila nak pegi nie??? ;p


9) STUDY. PHD waiting for me. The truth is i miss being a student and i cant wait to be a student again.


10) Outdoor activities (nak diving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Im happy cos my father in law really support me, but not my hubby :( Selagi saya x jumpa 'ladies' diving class, means i wont get d chance to even see d diving pool ;p


Can i get all dis before Miss January 2012 comes???

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