After a longgggg time i haven't jot anything here, so here i am!!! To suddenly break d silence. How unfaithful i am as not being able to update any stories here where as im always have time to update status thru my FB. Hmm ok stop condemning myself here coz i know dis blog should use other relevant name like 'Monthly Dose of Azeera's Life' or 'Weekly Dose of Azeera's Life' if im trying to be fair enough to myself ;p

So to avoid putting more n more excuses here (dat is wat im good at ;p) with all sorts of busyness either in work or being as a wife, i rather straight to d point.

Converting mood first.......


Today 21st February 2011 marked my BFF, Khatijah Shaari's birthday..
Hepi Birthday babe!!! Muah muah muahhhhhhhh (just expression of kissing without real kiss ok. Harap maklum ;p)

Dis is all about her.

Khatijah Shaari is one of my BFF. She is one active GG Geng member. She is a pet-kinda friend. She likes to talk, she loves to catch up stories from all over D WORLD like nobody's business (more like busy-ing herself for a new hot topics just to update me n Nurul for a real-gosipping), loves to entertain herself by barbie-ing her little Mayra (please hopping her blog @ http://mylove-peace-respect.blogspot for everyweek posts doodling bout Mayra who been made up by her in many kind of transform ;p) fondling her Demok just like a good mother-who-pretending-to-b-good (hahaha...statement nie boleh buatkan aku dikejar keliling Blok D!!! ;p actually she looks like a ferocious mother since she loves to shout but deep inside, there r still mother-kinda left by God for her ;p).

Owhh on a higher note, she's a good companion to myself as we have mostly d same interest and also quite d same thoughts when talking bout people. Wat i hav in mind, she just can capture it in seconds. Wat i dislikes d most, she agrees too n whenever i hav problems she tries to fit her's in my shoe. Dats how easy our friendship goes. But when it comes to my outdoor activities like diving, playing games, she’s simply ignores everything (hehe either she just not interested, or maybe commitment as a mother or i am too outdoor-type for her ;p). One thing i'm jealous bout her is dat, how huge portion of carbo she had every single day, she just keep it in her 'bin' cos it didnt affect her in any ways. Seriously.. I wish to b like her eventho so far alhamdulillah i hav no problems with dat....yet.. but wat really makes me concern, is when (without exact time of ‘when’ yet!) my body starting to get along with having babies (babies??? hmmm i wish to). Huhu have no idea how it gonna looks like ;p

We are very close, and no need to tell how close it was because it will shut u off when u know dat on my Big Day, i was made up at her house. Yes, her's n not my other family member's ouse. Haha i know she likes to b part of it as well as i love to make her part of me. Again thank u geng coz u been there for me.

Dats all about her. 13.7.2009 personally marked our frenship anniversary as all the stories begins. 

Happy Birthday..Happy Birthday..Happy Birthday

but no matter, how good frens we r, how close we r, n how kind u r to me, me still me. Naughty & sarcastic plus laser like ever. So PROUD to be 30 dear!!! hahahahhahahahahhahahhahaha. U r too old to b my friend, yet i dun mind ;p

Frens like ever. LUV YOU!!!!! 

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ija MaYra said...

thnxs 4 de' entry... we have chemistry i guess, that's y we can get along...

aku syg 'friendship' ni...

muahhhhhhhh (dari jauh jgk!)