Galfriend @ Good-Time Gal??

U think u're his galfriend, but does he???

by Ben McKelvey he into u?? or just making u think he is??
Find out now babe!!!!!

  • Wud his friends know who u were if they answered his phone?
  • Does he call @ text u regularly during dis week?
  • When u're together, will he talk 2 u a lot @ not juz talking 2 d phone all d time ?
  • Is he b able 2 spend even 15 min free time to meet u up?
  • Wud he call 2 see how u r if u took d day off sick?
  • Is he willing 2 meet ur friends?
  • n does he make an effort once he's there?
  • Does he text u 'I Love U" regularly?

If u already get all d answers above..u dun have 2 go further more (lots more questns act)...
juz check d results below

If d results mostly YES :
Congratulations...U're in wat we call d beginning phrase of a relationship. Take it sloww..
Enjoy ur relationship babes..

n if d results mostly NO :
dont get upset...ur results juz like mine.Period.

u know u're havin casual relationship, but u juz dun't want 2 admit it...
whether u still want 2 work harder 2 win his heart or juz learn how 2 accept things as wat it should b or wat he wants it 2 b..
only u knows.....


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