*Penang-and-cousin's wedding*


Fuuuhhhhh...starting from early of the year till almost end of 2010, here i am...From month to month, i plan untuk balik kampung either Penang or Kedah, n finally December baru dapat. Even we spent 2 hari sahaja, but we almost captured quarter of it. Absolutely food!!! ok lets c from day 1 to day 2nd, wat i had in mind just food, food n food. And of course besides that, i want my husband to try every single 'Penang' thing ;p. I want him to get all d nice thing bout Penang, so that there will be 2nd trip 2gether sooooonn. Hahaha.

Overall, we had so much Penang thing (food) in our empty belly. 1st day we had Mee Udang Pak Ngah, then followed by Nasi Kandar Deen, then Apom Telur, then Cendol Penang Road, then Laksa & Pisang Goreng Pokok Jangguih (pronounce it correctly ok). Yess we eat n eat hingga ke saat2 akhir nak balik KL n Zul makan sampai sakit perut all the way back. Haha pity him. Huhh even there r more food we havent tasted yet, but overall sangat puas dan absolutely SEDAP!!! Owh one thing i like to bring him back here, was when i got d chance to see him nganga mulut sewaktu berada di atas jambatan. Hehe chumel. And how he control himself not to be soo 'jakun'. Eventho maktok (Zul's side) also came from Penang, but they were from Balik Pulau which is quite far from the Penang town. So last trip of him was when he still a small kid. Tak ingat ape-ape pun ;p

Owhh ok enuff with d food, sekarang nak cerita pasal my cousin's wedding plak (owhh i know i break d bubble ;p). Shuhada is d last cousin dalam geng kami yang berkahwin. Owh jangan pelik, yes even dalam cousin i have my own geng due to adik beradik mama yang sangat ramai seramai 10 orang. And just imagine how many cousins i had ;p So dalam banyak2 cousin nie, we still can make a group according to our age. Mine starting form my cousin, Nad (27 yrs old) sampaila Pija (30 yrs old). And dalam geng, she's d last to tie d knot (Even actually berapa minggu je after i. hik hik).

Here is d bride

Pengantin with me during majlis resepsi

 3 out of 5. another 2 of d geng tidak dapat hadir.

She's pregnant!!! tahniah Nad

 owhhh...my husband

 Abg Min & Kak Sha's daughter. Super cute..Zalea & Zarlyn

They r lovely!!

 Us with mak tok..shayang maktok

Dats all. So much fun. Crossing fingers to hav another trip to Penang soon..

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