Bonjour à tous!!

Hello everyone!!!! owh yuh..yuh..im in a good mood now..

kenapa??? because
'Je suis célèbre' (yuh..saya famous)

no need to tell u much on this

yippie...the picture was attached in a newspaper (NP). Not malaysia's NP, but one of theirs. Yuh i dun giv a da*n on how small d column was cos who cares..as long as im in.. Hehe!!

* Thank u Nirina and Rodolphe for coming. And not to forget INZ for bringing them along.

Owh deux d'entre eux étaient français. Ils tagué avec son ami, Intan à mon mariage le 20 Novembre 2010. Ils étaient sur leur tournée à travers le monde. Tout ce que je peux dire, j'aime rencontrer de nouvelles personnes et je suis si jalouse de voir les gens peuvent faire le tour du monde sans penser à leur travail, n famille de l'argent bien sûr. Tout le meilleur pour chacun d'eux.

Btw thank you so much Nirina for the gift. Haha i still can remember how afraid i was when u said you wanna give something to me the other day. You gripped it like it was an insect or something..hahahha (all i hav in mind was, maybe you wanna do some prank to the bride..hahah) But it was actually a beautiful earing. Thankkkk uuuu!!!


Arifah said...

Dapat hadiah dari Nirina? Bestnya! =P

azEEra said...

yup aku dapat wooden earing

cantik & chumel


kau doakan umur kau panjang, nanti aku belikan utk kau yer ;p


Arifah said...

ha?wahhhhhh..tq2.. (dah tq awal2 lagi..heheh)

Olie said...

im planning to visit them kot.probably end of year..mauritius and reuniond island..wowweeee

Zara~AB said...

hey, who cares whether its just a small column. the main things is that, u already in it kan? hehehe. tat's the most important things kan. hehehe.