Lets start with great news

Great news is saya sudah dapat dewan untuk my wedding menggantikan dewan-asal-yg-sudah-di booked-n-tiba2-boleh cancel due to renovation (dammit!!!) I got d cancellation-call on Friday last week n starting on dat, i get myself so busy looking around for dewan. Can u imagine, with all those deposit for catering n dewan itself, i hav paid..its too fu*king damn to know dat d booking has to be cancelled. And way make it worst when i called every single dewan in KL n its mostly fully booked until March next year (owwwh even damnnn). All it has 2 offer me just a dewan with package catering which is too much for me as i already paid for my own caterer. Im not talking about hundred here, but more than thousand.. So klu duit tu xnak dipulangkan even for a thousand, matila saya. Totally running out of budget. So nak x nak saya perlu berusaha mendapatkan dewan tanpa package makanan.

*u can start counting how many 'damn' here??? sigh!
Another great news is on dis coming 18th marked my 1st year as a gov-servant. A year guys!!! Hepi Anniversary 2 all 2009 batch. Specifically to all d CFSs staff. Wink!!!

Enuff of great news

D disaster!!!

hmmm...rotation unit!! yes i do like it as it might put my knowledge to every angle of engineering. But to know dat i will b sitting in Pejabat Pengarah, its juz giving me reason to say no. No, no not because of him (Dato'), he is very kind and smart people. I do like him. He always put his staff first on d top other than anyone else. I want to b a gud staff for him, to serve d very best n to make him proud having me. But i just feeling sad coz i know i dont have any chance to b working in technical thing. No more auditing, no more site visiting (kadang2 ada la kot), n no more course kat luar n another thing, no more menjadi pengarang buku2 pavement. Huhu. In d first place, actually i was chosen to b in UPPJ T/T, which is i hav no denial on dat coz UPPJ is also another unit dat plays all d technical thing. But suddenly after all d Ketua Unit having meeting, all i know i was chosen to b put as Pegawai Khas kepada Dato'. Either it was purposely or not, out of my idea. But i do respect d decision. Part of me says yes, another part just demoralized.

But to think it back zilllllllllllllllllllllllliiion times, it has pro n cons. Yes i do cry when i told bout all dis to Zul n he listen to it. N he is sooooo worry bout me. Sian dia.

Even it has no more technical stuff, but i still can learn much bout RMK-10, parliament thing (Q&A) n management itself as well. Every post has gud n bad side though. Its d way u deliver d work. D way u manage it, n d way make it up.

But im sure, once i touch it, im gonna love it (wahhhhhhhhhhh..diakui lebih kepada nak sedapkan hati :( )

Azeera, juz do ur best, b a good government servant (selagi ada peluang) n take it till d last drop. Nothing to b FRET!!!!

effective 1.8.2010

smile pleaseeeeeeee


Anonymous said...

congratulation Azeera

~aEmiZa~ said...

yuhu...zeera's...i'll be missing u after this...no mo asking 'camne nak wat tu?..camne nak wat ni?...sedey tul la..

azEEra said...


yes x ada org dah nak peningkan kepala aku nak suruh buat ayat ;p



yg penting x der org dah nak gelakkan lawak dan kesengalan kau mahupun keseriusan kau lepas nie


gonna miss u all!!!

Anonymous said...

so nnt dewan kt mn babe?

azEEra said...

ebba dear

Dewan kat Cheras
but until now, x ada formal letter lagi

just wait n c

malas nak pening2 ;p