*Yonex-AE-Open-Super-Series 2009*

Our world no 1 player-Lee Chong Wei vs 7th ranked player-Taufik Hidayat
yuhuu....Chong wei won straight sets 2-0 guyzz!! (21-8 & 21-13)
leading d match wit advantage of 11 net points and 12 smash points overall...

he has shattered d dreams of 2004 Olympic Champion in a very much powerful mood wit juz 33 centre court minutes..dgn bangganya!!!!
so much relieved eventhough dats d only hope 4 Malaysia 2 go 2 d final... since our double team semua hancuss...
but better not 2 get too xcited wit d results coz 2 moro ChiWy (Chong Wei)
will play against 2nd-ranked world player-Lin Dan!!!

I have 2 say d game as a match-everyone-wants-to-see!!!
All knows..dis charismatic world no.2 player has alwiz b a crowd fav...
so 2moro's match must b a tough one guys 4 ChiWy...DUN MISS IT!!!!!
we pray 4 d best 2moro eventhough its gonna b his 1st time to get a chance 2 All England final..

juz keep on supporting our local team k!!!

## Yahoo!!! Next ChiWy will b performed in Wilson Swiss Super Series 2009 (10th March - 15th March)..

All d best...GO Malaysia GO!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

walau wehhhh.....tak dpt tgk sume game tu la..penat...bz...tapi kalo u tulis kat cni, bleh dijadikan rujukan ni;p