*no-lie SURVEY* Part 2*

hye guyzz!!

im sure u guys dah boring when it comes 2 survey-entry (aku pun sama..huhu)..
coz 4 d last 2 weeks i've been posting dis survey thingy..
since i have done d part 1 survey..i've been advised 2 finish d whole thing..

aiyoo..nasib ckit jer dis part..
layan jer laa yea..

*Anger Section*

1. What do you do when you're mad?
** i need choc!!!! *smbil mkn ~dammit~*

2. What's the worst things you've done when you were mad?
** i cursed dat person...sorrylaa it came out spontaneously..

3.Ever made anyone cry when you were mad?
** yup..in fact i was cryin also..

4. Do you curse when you're mad?
** sumtimes klu dah x tertahan...i hate when im doing dat act..but....~m*th*r F!!!~

5. When was the last time you really cried?
** 31 Dec...that was my very embarrassing moment ever!!

6. Ever cried yourself to sleep?
** yup...hmmmmm..

7. What usually makes you cry?
** frustrated esp with people i respect n luv..n also when i hv 2 deal wit strong feelings of displeasure!!

8. Are you normally a happy person?
** yes...im a HIPPY-kinda-person!!

9. Does being with your friends make you happy?
** yup esp when im with my no. 1 frens..they know who they r..

10. When people say they think you are good looking do you get happy?
** 4 sure maaa...i can't stop smiling 4 d whole day!!! *smbil syum syok sndiri..hoho*

p/s : 2moro i wil post sum other new piccas of our (me n my gud frens) fun-time @ Sg. Bantang keys..

bye guyzz!!


Anonymous said...

uiks....gns sgt bunyi nye ni;p

mggu lps syg sy g prt rj..nmpk my vi c*t 8###a da je dpn umah tu...rupe nye tuannye takde eh;p

Anonymous said...

syg tu xde eh...nkp pdm smula xreti...

p/s: ampes btul wifi kat cinta syg golf resort ni(sg petani).taip putus2..sorry beb...

AzeerA said...


i wonder sape Anonymous nie??
mcmaner blh tau umah n kereta i..

Do i know u?????????

Anonymous said...

ala...sy ni bdk2 je;p hjg mggu aritu ada kat umah ke?