*no-lie survey* PART 1*


1. Honestly what color is your shirt?
** turqoise

2. Honestly, whats on your mind?
** is my mom feeling oke rite now..

3. Honestly, what have u done yesterday?
** watched horror movie smpi x bleh tdo..(dis is wat we called xder keje cari keje..haha)

4. Honestly, have you ever been in love?
** yup...4 sure..aku bukan kayu okes..haha

5. Honestly, feeling anything unusual today?
** yup.. x smpat minum soya pagi nie..huh!!!

6. Honestly, is your heart still occupied?
** nop..*sigh*

7. Honestly, who is the last person you talked to on the phone?
** Dr L

8. Honestly , are you jealous of somebody right now?
** nop...x heran pun..hoho!!

9. Honestly, what makes you sad most of the time?
** y azeera still here???? *sambil pandang sekeliling*

10.Honestly, are you LOVING someone right now?
** partially in luv...*smbil buat2 muka x faham*

11. Honestly, what are the things u don't want in life?
** life without fail!!! blh x?????

12. Honestly, do you want to see someone this very moment?
** yup...mama..(i know she really needs me rite now...sian mama)

14. Honestly, do you love someone very much?
** should i answer dis???????

15.Honestly, does anyone like you?
** hahaha...i have no idea..

enjoy ur weekend..

till then..


aiSya iRa said...

che a..
mama che skt ke??

partially in luv??
d berita tbaru ke??

Anonymous said...


hi there..whats wrong with mama?
is she ok?
go home and see her la.
where r u rite now?


AzeerA said...


nak gosip baru kna dtg cni..hehehe
nnti kita update later ehh...
miss u cutey!!!

AzeerA said...

klu i blh terbang blik...dah lama dah i blik...


aiSya iRa said...

akn ku usaha pegi ke sne...