woooooo...im getting older..

29??????? Unbelievable cos it happens just too fast yet to b put it in my mind. But alhamdulillah during my 29th Anni, i have my own marriage, my children (insyallah my baby boy will b comin soon dis November), my job, my master, my BIG family and my everythings around me. I have to say i am enjoying my 28-29 yrs old too much as i never noticed 29 is such a BIG number. Next year the number would turn to 30...

As i enjoying my life without noticing on 25th September was my birthday, my husband & my sister just broke d bubble earlier than that because a week before, I received a parcel from my sis's family. They gave me a beautiful selendang along with birthday card. Thank you all of u!!! muaaahhhhhh. Then Zul been asking me wat i wished to have for dis year. Never in mind to put my wishlist on him cos i know everytime i tell him 'i wish to have dis...n dis..he would try his best to get it n yet i wud feel gulity for that'. Plus he never missed giving me 'monthly gaji', so how could i ask for more kan?? Walaupun ada juga yg saya TERrequest tanpa sedar ;p

So few days before my birthday, he bought me a touch-screen of Samsung Galaxy Gio. Even it is not the latest one, but i really appreciate it as this is my first time having a touch screen phone (Walaupun pada mulanya sy cuba memberi alasan utk tidak menukar kepada phone tersebut..sangat susah untuk sms..euuuuwwww).  But after few days been using it, seriously its not dat bad. Thank u yang!!!!!Yet easier for me to get online as d screen is much bigger than my Nokia E72. Disebabkan mudah untuk sy online, i seldom use notebook anymore. Plus i can play Angry Bird anytime anywhere ;p

Thank you also to mama n papa yang telah membelikan saya Set Bersalin. Kebetulan saya mmg x sempat nak membeli lagi, so mama decided to give me one whole set of bersalin as my birthday gift. TQ!!!! muahhhhhhhhh

So on 25th September, most of my family members were at my house. So early in the morning, we had breakfast together dengan menu2 merepek saya, then lepak tengok TV sebelum my hubby brought  home a delicious Indulgence Cake.Weeeeeeee...masih dapat cake di usia 29 ;p Pastu petang sikit we off to Sunway Pyramid. Zul & I seperti biasa lesap di baby's department, while my brother sibuk melayan Adam n Adell main games n mama papa waiting for us sambil makan kacang. For your information, sejak saya pregnant, ZUL adalah orang yg paling teruja membeli brg2 baby. Everytime i yg kena remind him mana yg perlu n mana yg tak. Terbalik kan. Suppose im d one yg lebih excited (jiwa mama2 la konon). But disebabkan 'excited' beliau, alhamdulillah preparation sy menjadi mudah cos i dun have to remember every single thing on what to buy cos sebelum sy berfikir, barang tu dah ada dlm tangan beliau. Hebat Abah-2-b nie ;p

Disebabkan pagi itu kami telah ambil breakfast agak heavy, so we decided to have a 'light lunch' at Pappa Rich yang telah dibelanja oleh abang saya. During lunch Zul x join cos he had some important things to do di Shah Alam. So saya just enjoy d food with my family member. Macam-macam kami makan. End up 'LIGHT' telah bertukar menjadi 'sangat HEAVY' ;p

Rite after makan2 n lepak2 kejap, we off back to Shah Alam. Eventho i had a simple birthday celebration dis year but i feel great as i managed to spend my time with my families, my husband n my baby-dalam-perut..

Thank u everyone for d gift and birthday wishes. To all my collegue & facebook members, thank u as well.

29 yrs old mommy-to-be ;p Insyallah...


h@nEYz said...

ZeeRA.. HApi BelateD BUrfDAy.. SmogA pnjG umUr n DImuRAhkAN reZeki.. BAby cHAT.. rinDU nAK gosok2 **R*t..hehehe.... any way.. take care..miss u all's

azEEra said...


Alhamdulillah both sihat..
Opssss **R*t tu menggusarkan aku ;p
Nnti ingat kita kes gosok2 bnda lain plak..no..no..no



miss u too...ada masa dtgla lepak dgn kitaorg kat cni

Anonymous said...

ni nk membuatkan raya haji ni blk ke s.alam @ depavali ke..hahahaha..serius rindu ko.. btw,aku de wish kt fb hr tu.. n lupe nk msg kt fon..hpy bsday babe!!~ lebiu..muahhh

Zara~AB said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Haven't see u lately in blogland!

azEEra said...

Dear Ebba,


EL..OO..VI..YU..TU ;p


Yuh me being such a silent blogger