Mr & Mrs Zulfadhli

Known each other * starting 2000
Officially couple * 8.5.2006
Break Off * 1.1.2009
Gud fren * February - September 2009
Engaged * 10.10.2009
Married * 19.11.2010

Im officially a wife now..to a guy named Zulfadhli. Yes, he is my official husband (ada ke unofficial??cehhh ;p). So lets recap d whole thing right before i turn to b a wife. The akad was held on 19th November 2010 (19112010) at Masjid Bukit Antarabangsa. According to plan, i will be made up (make up n everything) at my brother's ouse which is very near to d masjid. But to avoid any problems due to so many aunties n uncles yg akan berkumpul di rumah abang, we changed the plan n i chose to b made up at my gud fren's ouse, Ija at Ukay Perdana (Thanx buddy!!!).

I was really get myself prepared on dat day, physically (Thanx Tiar!!! my MUA) and emotionally coz a week before majlis, everytime when Zul called me, he will remind me with those  so called counting days. So day by day, i know how long  it will took me to my big day. 

Never expected in mind, Zul was d one who turn everybody's joy to a sadness mode. Well at first he did a great job during the akad with sekali lafaz. It went smooth and sounded easy to him. But when d lafaz taklid take turns, he suddenly became emotionally inside. Dengan bacaan taklid yg terhenti-henti , sebak n dengan titisan air mata, he was so into wat he read. especially when it comes to bacaan tentang penceraian. I was speechless there n feels like i wanna hug him rite there n tell him its oke cos i know how much he loves me. Of course tak ada lelaki pun yg baru berkahwin akan terfikir bout penceraian.  But who knows ajal maut, jodoh semua di tangan Tuhan. Not only me, d whole family n even his frens were never expected he read the taklid emotionally. 

Until Tok Kadi, gave him some time to soothe his feelings. Although he looked himself on dat time as something that really embarassing but to me it was sincere from his heart n it shows how much he put hopes and wat he really wants our realtionship to be in future. Abah (my father in law) tried to calm him down n minta dia selawat banyak2. Alhamdulillah after 5-10 minutes, everything done. Seriously wat happened really makes me feel so in love with him as i dun even want to hurt him even a bit n b a good wife serta ikut cakap suami as much as he really put high hopes in our relationship. he always tell me that tanggungjawab suami nie besar n he tried to do it as good as possible. Insyallah.

Now we officially 2 become 1..

Other than that, just let the pics speaks for itself. Everything was a big moment to me. To my whole lifetime.
nervous & sweating
few minutes before akad

touching moment during bacaan taklid
ring for me

officially husband & wife ~ u may kiss now ;p

                                                        i love mama. She's everything to me.

            beautiful hantaran done by my sis n papa (believe it or not, he's got dat talent)

 husband & wife

# Next entry : Reception on 20*11*2010


Arifah said...

azeera, saya nak nangis bila baca part zul tu..tssk :'(.

Moga kekal kamu berdua hingga ke akhir hayat. Congrats again dear! I'm happy to both of you.. :)

azEEra said...

yer che pah

he even cant continue bacaan taklid tu


dia sebak membuatkan aku sedih n terharu

but bcoz of dat also, i know he's d one for me!!

btw thanx che pah..

Arifah said...

sweet :)

Anonymous said...

cant wait for more picture.
hope you could post lotsa picture for your wedding. :)
Congratulation anyway, ure such a beautiful bride...

azEEra said...

Mr/Mrs Anony

Thank u..

but seriously all d pictures were all with my fren's camera

i dun hav any

neither my family..i believe

but i try my best to get it A.S.A.P