Fireworks plzzz!!!!!

owhh sudah basi..Hepi 28th Anniversary 2 me..
On 25th September (yes!!last month), i celebrated my b-day with all d happiness. Sorry cerita ini agak basi cos everyday i tried to get sum time to update my blog, but it seems failed (pity me! tears..handkerchief plzzz!!). Gambar dah lama upload, but without any text, so rasa mcm x best.You know me..drama ayat mesti lebih..Baru KICK!!! (haha).

Since cerita dah basi, i juz summarized the whole thing into few lines je ok. REFRESH things sangat memerlukan masa. Tak ingat sudaaaa...

Ok tepat pukul 12.00 mlm on 24th September, all my lovelies adik-adik ku aka my adik's housemate aka my donuts (peneman) di kala weekend telah membawa saya 2 slices of cake-chumel-berserta-lilin and they sang Hepi Birthday dengan lampu yang sengaja dipadamkan. Owwhh heaven!! Saya yang sedang menunggu-tunang-saya-untuk-jemput-keluar-sehingga-tertdo-di atas-sofa telah dikejutkan dalam keadaan gelap gelita-macam-gua n tiba-ada suara-agak-sumbang-singing birthday-songs. Hehe...korang sangat sweet n chumel!!! Thank u!!! And for the 1st time in life, saya diberi makan pizza @ 12am. 3 slices sekali burppp!! owh again heaven. 


Then few minutes after, Zul pulak sampai n brought me to Murni Discovery (new version of Murni SS2) di Sunway Mas. This time i ate Spaghetti Carbonara yang super-delicious dan sgt banyak. End up Zul tolong habiskan. Spaghetti Carbonara @ Murni Discovery..recommended!!! owhh lupe nak cakap...sekali lagi HEAVEN!!!

The next day, ada jemputan open ouse cum house warming and suprised-birthday celebration @ Dila's house. And d day itself was actually their first time met my fiance. All dis while, i keep myself 'single' whenever we hang out together (haha..excuse him cos ini kontraktor beezee all d time yer). But bile he get himself free from his schedule, kita pulak cancel activity due to sooo many excuses (ini mesti budak belajar Master tu!! kan?? ;p).

3 of us without budak master itu.
Our bday cake (Happy Belated Birthday to Nurul. She's actually August-ian, tapi sbb last month everyone was so busy, x sempat nak celebrate). Owwwhh budak kecil itu tukang-tiup lilin. Haha ampun Eja ;p

Here we are, d GG geng!!!
Lepak at Dila's until 6pm baru nak balik. Then i n Zul singgah kejap at my BFF's ouse kat Kajang. Met up C-ba n Ira sekejap jer. After sembang2, mandi n solat jap, then we headed to wedding Amy @ Dewan Puspanita Putrajaya (known as dewan Sri Endon). He is actually Zul's gud fren. Amy n his sister bersanding sekali. He is d one yg berbaju songket purple n his sister, Nahwal who also a tegar-b2b bloggers wearing in white. Semua cantik. Perfect!!!!


We ended our jalan-jalan day @ 12 pm. Huhu penat but full of happiness.

Owhh belum habis lagi....The next day on 26th, barulah b-day celebration yang real one from Zul. Zul telah belanja saya di Tarbush @ Empire Subang. We had our 1st experience there. Not bad. Owh mind you, we always have d same interest when it comes to choosing new food place dat havent taste yet. Here they serve Middle eastern, Lebanese Cuisine. The place is cosy n nice. I indulge my appetite with the not-on-the-menu garlic sauce. wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the garlic dip is super duper yummeh!!! saya makan begitu sahaja. i was soo into dat sampaikan until today itu sahaja menu yang saya makan dan masih segar dalam ingatan.seriously, i dah lupa wat is our main course dat day.haha...i must say..owhhh heaven...

And i got my favourite La Senza for my b-day gift. Loves it!!!!! Thank you yang!!

Dats all. i ended my 28th birthday with full of kesyukuran and happiness. Amin.
Footnote : 10.10.2010. My engagement anniversary cum my graduation day!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hello. Nur Azeera Binti Badroldin kan? Saw your name in the newspaper.

Next stop, PHD?

azEEra said...


blushing ;p

thank you!!!!