* for d meantime, lets enjoy d video, taken by Zul. The whole story will b updated soon. Insyallah.......

** updated :

hehe..sorry d video has been taken off. Pics below more relevant with the story line. Like i said before, 2010 is really one big year for me. not only for my status, but also in my education field. Alhamdulillah n syukur pada Allah for everything. Ok straight to d point, i was one of the graduate student in the 10th convo list. I was in Sidang 1 n yet 6th person yang dianugerahkan oleh Sultan Johor (our Cansellor) . I was so lucky, coz for Sidang 1, the scroll was given by him. 1st Sidang was mostly for PHD, masters student besides for students who was chosen to get d Anugerah DiRaja n etc.

I was in Johor on Saturday coz our rehearsel started at 2.30 pm. On d day itself, sudah terasa sunyi since all my batchmate for masters semua xder. I wish they were there. & Zul knows how much i hope for that. Our rehearsel sekali with all d diploma n degree grads. Yuh gud for them, not me. Cos when i was in d middle of them, they were like 'wahh..dah lama x jumpa kau..hugss..kisses...bla..bla...' yerla i understand, dia orang dah x jumpa lama maybe, so bila grad sama-sama macam nie, barula nak jumpa semula. I was standing like tunggul there. Sedih. With smiling face, Zul teman i pegi rehearsel. I mintak dia join i from start rehearsel sampai habis. The emotions brings me back to degree graduations where we were all there with so many frens, huha huhaaaa, n everything. I miss those memories. Zul always reminds me that its oke, he was there. Yuh lucky to have him, yet the feelings was still not d same. I really missed my master's geng. The feelings was then tagged along to the next day on 10.10.10. Everything went perfect, very smooth (except ucapan yang panjang berjela dari Tan Sri Musa yang also dapat anugerah dr Canselor).

I am a bit late pagi itu, coz i sampai jer dah around 7.45 am. I should b there before 7.45 to do d registration. Nasiblaa urusetia baik jer. During pemakaian jubah di dewan, Zul helped me with everything, pakai jubah, mortar n hood. Orang lain semua helping each other but since i x kenal seorang pun, i asked Zul to help me with things. You can see how kelam kabut dia tolong i. He had to hold all my barang- barang including my handbag and camera. Haha. kesian tunang saya. But suprisingly, dia lebih bijak pakaikan hood dari saya.

At first i was a bit terkejut ingat salah dewan or ape sbb there were only 3 person yang pakai green color hood which is student Civil Eng. Zul pun pelik then i checked at the registration, yes there were only 3 civil master's student. Supposed to be 7, but since most of them are international student, ramai yang sudah balik ke negara masing-masing. Huhu. 

Haha..masa rehearsel, we were asked to practise on how to curtsy n things, n we were asked to say 'Menjunjung Kasih, Tuanku'. But never expected, once i was infront the Sultan, i was like...hmmm ' Menjunjung kasih Tunku'. Oppss tunku adalah anak Baginda oke, tunku Ismail not his father. Sigh...

Ok the jubah actually sama saja dengan degree student, cuma lain di hujung tangan which got 2 yellow stripes. Degree with 1 stripes only. Itu ok lagi, paling sedih diploma batch. It never make sense when jubah untuk diploma grad without mortar board n hood. Huh kesian dorang. Nampak pelik. I dun think dat supposed to b dat way & i dun think d mortar board n d hood so expensive until they cant provide for dip's students. Haihhhhhhh. Kalau pun nak bezakan all d grads level, then y not just let their jubah b without any stripes d lengan. Yang lain semua sama. Dat would b MUCCCCCCCHHHHHH better.

Pix of d day....so sweet & memorable...





Got 2 bouquet of flowers from my parents n Zul, and also a mini-bear from my bro's family. Thanksss!!!

D best part is our name listed in d newspaper. Utusan Malaysia on d next day. Saya cuti hari isnin itu, dan pagi-pagi lagi dapat morning call dari Zul & he said my name appear dlm paper, n paling x boleh blah when he said, your face also!! cehhhh bila dengar tu, i dah boleh tau dia tipu. Then petang tu, when i bought a newspaper for papa, barula i tau betul my name ada dlm paper. Our name!! Just a name..but its oke at least UTHM shows their gratitude & appreciation towards their own student. I like!

10th Convocation on 10.10.10. Praying for the next level, pHD. Crossing fingers. Dats all


Zara~AB said...

Congrats! Another one step ahead! A post degree in engineering! a big wow!

ija MaYra said...

Babe, zul kau sgt cumell!!!
Congrats nway...aku bila la smbung ni...huhuhu ;p

azEEra said...


owh make it a mini-wow zara

big wow is too extreme. suits for phd maybe ;p


kenapa comel itu bukan refer pd aku.cehh ;p

btw thanx..

aku suggestkan kau n dila tgu cecah anak ke-3 baru sambung study k ;p

Zara~AB said...

mini wow? eeee, hello! its a master degree in engineering ok! i pun xsanggup amik. :(, tats y my postgrads cheapo ajer.

azEEra said...


Having d experience working at UEM is wayyyyy bigger than dat

dat is wat u can say big wow!!

seriously i envy u

It is known dat in engineering field, experience goes 1st, then go ur highest qualifications..

if u hav both,d extra mark goes to u!! rite now im standing here to collect as many experience as i could. Like u!!!! insyallah..

azEEra said...


I'm wrong
u r not working with UEM rite?
u r in IJM..hihi

nothing much differ
both of them r BIG company