Mood : Raya (5 more days 2 go...lets COUNTDOWN!!)

1st of all bout my reunion on last Saturday
(reunion??? eventho its only 3 of us actually)
we havent seen each other 4 almost 4 months tau
Sangaaaaaaaaaaatttt lamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

we started chatting dari b4 berbuka around 5 until ter'over' berbuka @ 9
(wlupun staff kat Pizza dah mls nak layan..but who cares!! i bayar utk service oke)
lots of stories we've been chatting from 'work' part then go 2 'master's study'
then bout our personal thing a bit (but when it comes 2 my part...a looooootttttttttt!!!!
korang mmg unfair..hehe)

Act sangat seronok dgr u guys dah ada haluan masing2
Ira bz with her master's study in UPM n c'ba plak bz-like-bees with her 6 days working at site (huh kejam boss kau)

2 my beloved c'ba,
aku tau btapa susah kau kerja kat c2..aku sgt faham..
4 d time being juz go wit d flow..gain as much xperience as u can
n at d same time googling any job opportunity jugak oke..
aku n ira akan sentiasa support kau
kau dah semakin 'kurus'
mkn 'buffet' byk2 ckit k...hehe


2 my dearie ira,
study smart tau
dun ever study hard (hehe..x pyh study pun oke jgk)
stay cute n alwiz keep in touch k
buzz me if u need anything
kita dekat ajer
u alwiz be one of my best-shortie ;-)
Stay chumel

next time kita hang out lagi
n plzz make urself available on 'd date' nnti d umah oke

sayang korang!!!


bout US Open..

eventho i dun really hav time 2 catch up every single games but i do checkout d results every morning b4 i start working (sgt jealous 2 'my fren' yg boleh tgk game every morning after bersahur..huh)

its a real treat guys 2 watch the game..hmmm oke..Women's singles Clijsters and Wozniacki advanced to Final

and Kimmy, your rock u r d pride of every young mum out there

Well done on your title and your comeback...

Then for men's single

In semifinals, it must feel like deja-vu all over again for Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic.
Playing each other at the US Open. They have been there and done that.

now Fed-Ex are advancing to d final n he will play No. 6 Juan Martin del Potro

Reaching his record 20th Grand Slam Final in his career, Federer will also try to capture his 16th Grand Slam championship.

At Wimbledon, Federer passed Pete Sampras with number 15, and now stands alone atop the career singles leader board.

All d best Mr. Feddy!!!


aiSya iRa said...

k'ida dh mkin krus dh skng...
ira yg mkin nek...
thanx c.a blnje pizza aritu...
for 'the date' i'll try to make it free ok...

Anonymous said...

Best nya ada orang belanja pizza
bilakah turn saya pula??
i wonder..

azEEra said...

1st bubblies..

janji tau ira msti dtg Kuantan
no excuse but WAJIB

2nd bubblies..

turn anda akan tiba jika sy kenali anda
dan yg ptg anda bukan org jahat (oppss..hehe)

Anonymous said...

weh, awt aku baru tgk entry ni??
hahahah...c a, ang pn krus...jgn kata aku ja..hehe..:)