*6tH HaRi RaYA + office + b'day celebration*

!st of all..
Happy Hari Raya 2 all of u..
i really had my gud time in Kedah n Penang
how bout u guys????

working on 6th day of Hari Raya

bubblies..being a newbie in the unit has it drawback..
For instance, I don’t have any holidays yet since I’m still under probation..
I could apply for one but it’ll affect my leave application in the future if I really need one..
In fact, my 15 days leave will b minus up towards d end of dis year (no way...)

working on Friday (my bday as well) had put me into mixed feelings
happy coz no traffic jam..
no other people in d office..
n d best part is i can put d speaker at d highest volume (dgr lagu raya!!)
less crowded
lots of spaces
n from Ampang to my office took me 15 minutes only (really amazing)
but saya dah x boleh makan ketupat n kuah rendang
n d worst part is fam saya masih di Penang..huh!!

bday celebration...

at 12 am i am still in my car driving back from Penang
i got my 1st sweet n luvly wish plus bday song (sounded horror actually) from my cousin (dsbbkan she's d only person next 2 me on dat time)..thanx but no thanx babe!!! haha..
then lots of sms'es from frens n all my besties (my phone jammed with all those sms)

THANK U GUYS!!!!!!!!
n i got 2 special phone calls...(hmmmmm...)
but d 'bitter' part was my parents blh terlupa my bday
but i did accept their excuse coz on 25th itself was my cousin's wed in Penang
n mama was very bz helping my aunty here n there
but as a return mama did gav me sumthing for my bday

thanx 4 d money u gav me mama (saya dpt pilih baju favvy sy..very lite pink..im gonna wear it next 2 weeks..insyallah)
then on dat nite i was 'treated' in a very cosy way at Paddington House of Pancakes @ d Curve

luckily he was there
since all my fam members were still in Penang celebrate raya n wedding ceremony
i was havin lonely time in KL
thanx dear..

n i got my pressies!!!
terima kasih....terima kasih..
n 2 d person yg telah post courier my suprised bday-card-tanpa-nama-pengirim
thank you....thank you...

so im officially 27 yrs old now
i like!!!
may have a blast year ahead


Anonymous said...

27 dah...muda lg la

ija MaYra said...

working on 6thDay of Raya? It's ok atleast kau berkorban untuk kwn2 yg lain...hehe. Jasamu dikenang!

dpt hadiah 'baju b'tunang' lagi from ur mama..what a surprised..

and the most important thing..Zul ada disisi on ur bezday...

Selamat Hari Raya..Maaf Zahir Batin..

and Happy Birthday w/p aku dah siap nyanyikan utk kau thru YM hari tu..
Have a wonderful day my fren!

azEEra said...


andalah pemangkin semangat saya

lupa aku nak ckp thnx atas nyanyian versi YM kau (nasib versi YM..klu real confirm horror jugak! hehe)
aku sayang kau!!!!

aiSya iRa said...
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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


azEEra said...


wat was dat supposed 2 mean
saya x faham
is there anythin wrong wit dis entry?
boleh jelaskan knp '???' dan 'hmmm'?
coz jika sy x faham..
saya hanya boleh bagi respons seperti 'aikk??' atau '#$@%*' atau 'hah??'

or u juz drop by 2 text me dis..
i do appreciate wlupun sy x fhm..
thanx nway..

Anonymous said...


azEEra said...
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azEEra said...


is dat 'u'????
im so sorry 4 everythin
but u know me
i didnt do it purposely kan
again im sorry

pls make sure dat we r at peace k
take care

Anonymous said...


azEEra said...

thank u 4 being so supportive
u understand me well dear